Freelance 2017-4
The city buildings of freelance 2017-3 will get a save place in the basement. The white paper laminated foam boards that covered the rear parts of Freelance 2017-2 as a clean base are on their way to the trash can. I had a great time to build a city 4 meters long and 30 cm wide.
[Image: 38726029311_db6528f96e_c.jpg]

The tracks and switches survived the coverup time unharmed.
[Image: 26950035639_1f5511e408_c.jpg]
[Image: 38670488906_f71c2533ae_c.jpg]

It's time for Freelance 2017-4 and make use of all tracks again Big Grin
My initial thoughts are less buildings and more green served by NS and CSX (and may be CR with minor modifications). As usual no track modifications.
could do CSAO in NJ!
And time marches on. Charlie
A simple loading dock somewhere in "nowhere land" is not a major achievement but a start .... Wink

[Image: 38043819974_210dfc97a3_c.jpg]
[Image: 24887349768_3e3c9e6be5_c.jpg]
It is funny how easy the eye can be fooled. I used a few very basic background building and put them on the "tornado scenery". Three photos from a low camera angle give a very different impression.

[Image: 38810861771_50b879772e_c.jpg]
[Image: 24938624488_fc91671394_c.jpg]
[Image: 24938624448_0bed69e957_c.jpg]

First and second photo show a bit of cork and the third one shows that the building is only put on the ground. But it is impressive how much a background and a low camera position can do.

I have some Cornerstone kits on order but the delivery man quit on Saturday at 16:17h and went home.A wise decision, hope he has a nice wife waiting for him. Next delivery is scheduled for Monday. Christmas season is a stress test for all parcel service.
First structure is on it's way. It is about a half Cornerstone "Lakeville Warehouse" kit (933-2917) and it needs some weathering.
The other half of the kit will form another warehouse to be built soon.

[Image: 38875711791_ccc718a7f7_c.jpg]
[Image: 25004518188_86a2326188_c.jpg]

Weathered with black wash and light gray dry brush on the blue parts. The dry brush was to wet and I rubbed the blue part with alcohol. That resulted in a nice ruined surface.

[Image: 24012316057_a6ab3ba452_c.jpg]
The ground got a new concrete paint and a Pikestuff building is added. I like the Pikestuff plastic color and will not spray the building. Some green backdrop added. That will continue on the layout with gras, shrubs and trees partially covering the large concrete area. No further details added so far.

[Image: 24046746117_1962139a37_c.jpg]

First layer of ground cover added. Mostly Woodland T1350, T1344 and T1362. Tomorrow will be a Grasmaster day.

[Image: 25046419738_9d79b0df8d_c.jpg]
Had a fight between the Grasmaster and the vacuum today. The trees are the final winners Wink

The Flickr album "Jax Industrial Railroading" from Henry Dell is a great inspiration for this new layout version.

[Image: 25067273388_d4eaeee445_c.jpg]
[Image: 38223067454_b7704beeca_c.jpg]
[Image: 27161528849_fb7fa2a53b_c.jpg]
Sunday is the perfect day for the second building made from residuals of Walthers "Lakeville Warehouse".
It is the building of an unhappy man. He assumed the tracks will be abandoned soon and built a building with four truck loading docks with perfect shelters etc. The plans are changed and the tracks are still in operation and no truck access is possible.
He desperately added truck loading docks at the other side of the building, moved the truck shelters, close two doors at this side and use the other two occasionally.
Don't talk to him about railroads .....

[Image: 38073675025_a95d2267cb_c.jpg]
[Image: 24094623847_b1398ba296_c.jpg]
[Image: 25087798918_4952bc90f8_c.jpg]

I am currently using exclusive Athearn MP15ACs with Zimo DCC decoders to operate the layout. Those switchers have no sound decoders yet. After month of intensive Tsunami installation and usage are some days of switching in great silence very relaxing.

but the noise generators are ready t be installed ......
While waiting for Pikestuff kits to be used at building #4 got the temporary building #3 is little beef up to handle tank cars better.

[Image: 39003057701_8a76b7c2b1_c.jpg]
[Image: 38287563954_19dfdfe8f6_c.jpg]
Great work, Reinhard.

I'm always amaxed at how quickly you are able to transform your layout into a different era. I love the Lakeville Warehouse structure. When I had that model I painted it blue and it looked terrible :cry:

The nice thing about the MP15ac is that it has a non turbo prime mover. The EMD turbos can be quite annoying after a half hours switching. I have to turn the volume down.

Looking forward to Santa Claus bringing me a GP38, 'cos it's non turbo charged!

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Mal, thanks for the kind words.
I have my problems with the blue Lakeville Warehouse too. The original blue was not bad. The dark blue I sprayed to very much off. It is now almost removed and back to Cornerstone's blue but I am still not fully satisfied. May be I will try light brown or light gray some time.
I have the same problem with EMD turbo engines. The whining sound becomes annoying after a short time. That is bad news for some beautiful looking and good running GP40-2. The two new NS GP60 from last month have the same nasty sound.

Some of the CSX MP15AC have the unique CSX ditch lights with an integrated MU cable plug. I found some on Shapeways in G and N scale. My question for H0 scale is open since some days. The Tsunami 2 will easy fit but the ditch lights are another story.

Did Santa Claus tell you something about the brand and railroad of the GP38?
The postman delivered a parcel an hour ago. Planning of "Pikestuff castle" to become industry #4 has started Smile

[Image: 38343499604_1254c635e3_c.jpg]
[Image: 24192546757_22cfdb77f5_c.jpg]
faraway Wrote:Mal, thanks for the kind words.

Did Santa Claus tell you something about the brand and railroad of the GP38?

Yes, One of Santa' elfs told me i twas the new release from Atlas in Norfolk Southern paint scheme.

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