Freelance 2017-4
Cut n glue Friday. Got the walls and roofs in place.

[Image: 24213282957_02dbd75ac1_c.jpg]
[Image: 25207863268_e39ae336f5_c.jpg]
Started detailing and weathering after an ice cold rattle can session on the balcony this morning.

[Image: 39060695672_10ef6298a9_c.jpg]
[Image: 38209433615_1940a820b6_c.jpg]
[Image: 39060695872_a1e40485b0_c.jpg]
Looking good Reinhard! it reminds of the mill that use to occupy that spot several years ago

Merry Christmas

Modleing the State of Jefferson in HO Southern Pacific
Last activity for today is some ground work. The gap in the fence is intentionally because the front part is a removable hatch for window cleaning etc. The first and leftmost building got some trees for a smooth transition from the green background.

[Image: 27319178009_16e1d9790b_c.jpg]
[Image: 25230160478_f1b3b153f6_c.jpg]
Added some last details and weathered the large building too. That completes Industry #4.

[Image: 38224317525_42aee59e6f_c.jpg]
[Image: 27328798639_4f94877dff_c.jpg]
[Image: 39106186461_97ffe1b986_c.jpg]
[Image: 27328798539_98e585ea35_c.jpg]
Great work, but your foremen needs some remedial training on stretching that barbed wire along the top of the fence! 8-)
The devastated wasteland in the center needed some attention after the background industries have been put in place. The Grassmaster and some shrubs solved the problem.
I will be constantly tempted to "fill" that area with all kind of stuff ending up with a layout were switching the rear industries is a pain again.

[Image: 39130332391_b8a1461f65_c.jpg]
[Image: 38248023035_96f7a09d17_c.jpg]
I'm a modern era fan, so I really like this version of the layout. I like the building with the Pikestuff corrugated siding above the painted white brick. Very prototypical but not often modeled.
To blue to be true.... The intense dark blue of first building resisted all attempts to be toned down to "industry level". It stayed like a foreign royal blue monument in the industrial are.
The light gray rattle can solved that problem!

[Image: 25294647808_608a2a54e3_c.jpg]
That is a BIG improvement, Reinhard, and has quietened down those warehouses a lot by reducing the contrast. Have a good Christmas!
As a modern era fan, I'm enjoying your latest incarnation of 'Freelance'. Also I like to see modern CSX, NS, and Conrail power. I find Humbrol acrylic rattle can paint no 64 light gray, works well for modern warehouses.

Keep up the great work.

Merry Xmas & a Happy New Year.

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I did not think about Humbrol for may years. I used it a long time ago and did not know they offer rattle cans too. Found them on Amazon a minute ago.
I am also becoming ready to tear down every thing and do bench work your style. I need to get a bunch of subcontractors as there are several things to be fixed in my room. I had that all on hold as long as I did not know how to proceed with the layout basics like benchwork.
You released the break Thumbsup
Installed my first front and rear flashing ditch lights in an Athearn Genesis MP15AC. The decoder is Tsunami 2 EMD PnP. The ditch lights are EMD style from Shapeways with prewired SMD LED 0402.

[Image: 39191405302_d15b93826b_c.jpg]
[Image: 38343224845_33b9348bec_c.jpg]
Very nice Reinhard. I just got LED's for some markers but can't figure how to get my cabeese apart without destroying them.
An older Athearn RTR CF7 that had already upgraded with a Kato motor got a Tsunami 2 and ditch lights today.

I deserve flashing ditch lights after all the hassle installing and wiring them. It is up to Pinsly to get the prototype in line with the model Wink

[Image: 25376165698_afd8f55575_c.jpg]

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