Freelance 2017-4
Big iron on a small layout. The old Bachmann Spectrum 8-40CW is an economic way to have some big iron on a small layout for an occasional run. The old locomotive masters very tight curves and looks not bad for a nice price. Some weathering improves the appearance too. One got a Tsunami 2 the other one is a dummy with a decoder to control lights and added ditch lights only.

[Image: 39926214932_42599cff23_c.jpg]
An other budget model composed of a Bachmann SD40-2 a Tsunami 2, ditch lights and some details. The 8245 equipped for remote control and front and rear ditch lights is a nice fit for small switching layout.

[Image: 25112645727_2406b1befb_c.jpg]
[Image: 25112645797_0bea9c74e0_c.jpg]
Very nice looking engines. Since you have a RC unit you might want to check this set of yard figures from Walthers since three have what is supposed to be RC belly packs.

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Looks like Freelance 2017 is going to be closed. May be one or two ditch lights ......

The main rework of our condo will enter it's final stage today. The carpenter will be here at 11am for a first planning session of my room that had been excluded last year. He will also coordinate the other subcontractors. All the stuff must be packed and temporary stored, dismantlement of the layout, some electric changes, new wall papers, painting, installation of new layout benchwork and move in off all the stuff.
"Electric changes" sounds nice to American home owners but making slots in red bricks under plaster is a big mess. I did also never plan for packing all my railroad stuff. Most locomotives and cars are stored in boxes only to be moved carefully within the room. I am not sure what to do with the furniture. It is not pretty but it provides the best storage I can think of. Let's see if he has something new I did not think off.
And last not least I want to minimize the time of a) no layout at all and b) no operational layout.

The benchwork will follow a design from Alcanman. He published a great idea in FB for people like me with constant changing layouts. Basically a solid framework with easy to remove board sections on top. The base layout will not be changed. A staging yard without scenery at the north wall, the scenic part (about 4m * .5m) at the south wall and small connections with hatches at the east (door) and west (balcony and window) side.

Summary: a lot of mess and no Freelance 2018-1 soon Sad

A Walthers Mainline NS SD70ACe will arrive tomorrow. I will try my very best to plan and implement all new track work to support that engine.

Brakie: The Walthers yard crew will be available in March in the US. I hope they will make it until Freelance 2018-2 over the big pond Big Grin
Hi Reinhard,

In your downtime I hope you will expand on your thoughts and plans for having a layout that is constantly changing. I am really starting to like your approach to building a layout. It might also be the answer I am seeking, since I have a lot of interests when it comes to ideas for a layout in terms of prototype, theme, era, and even scale. I would like to see a drawing of your room, and how you plan to fit the bench work in. Thanks for a very enjoyable series, and I look forward to your future versions.

Take care,
bye bye 2017-4 :cry:

[Image: 40250767691_35b7b8c924_c.jpg]
[Image: 40250767611_8390c4576e_c.jpg]

Rob, thanks for the kind words.
You may have a look at the layouts of Alcanman. He has the woodwork divided into a base frame and separate plywood on top. I picked that design up and the next layout will use it.
The advantage is the easier switch to a new layout. Just remove the top plywood, get a new one and start from scratch. I got serious problems after the 5 scenic change because the again and again applied water and glue ruined the plywood and cork. It got so bad the buildings could not be set straight on the ground and new tracks were not flat.
Another problem was a specific sand I used some years ago. The sand and the water dissolvable white glue set like concrete and became 100 percent water proof. It became virtually impossible to get a new flat base for track changes. I was stuck with the track plan.
I had a great time and learned a lot from the layouts!
The very end..... :cry:

[Image: 39590121395_15c25e77b3_c.jpg]
[Image: 25614988287_6c52ab0464_c.jpg]
A very sad sight for sure, but with all the issues you stated in the post on the 13th (I'm not sure why I am only seeing that post now), it sounds like it was time to rebuild anyway. I will have a look at Alcanman work, thanks for the heads up. I have been reading the other thread on your plans for the space with much interest. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
It looks like you had a massive tornado blow through with all the buildings piled up like that. Good luck with the renovations.
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