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They look great, and the class ones here are using these brutes to switch too so you are on the right track.  Big Grin
The intense green patches of Heki gras #1860, 1861 and 1862 looked from the birds view like what they are, intense coloured plastic. I replaced them mostly with the more recessed Heki #1880 wild gras savanna. The overall impression fits an industry better.

[Image: 41766015414_335e130196_c.jpg]
[Image: 28615969698_14ca012097_c.jpg]
[Image: 41766015384_01e39486fd_c.jpg]
I tried another video with a sweep over the layout with scenery

I like the fly by, layout looks great too!
This paper kit forms the wall of separate elements just like the prototype does it with concrete slabs. I made some of the wall elements and "wallpapered" the model new. A perfect fit for the round wall of the structure.

[Image: 42799912681_0bfe265d8d_c.jpg]
Very nice!

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Thanks for sharing the link, I'll be looking into those roof sheets
Got an Athearn RTR shell riding on a Trainman drive with a Tsunami 2, a handful of SMD LEDS and some detail parts. 

[Image: 29097289238_662459bb1f_c.jpg]
[Image: 29097289228_2c513519e8_c.jpg]
[Image: 42922587942_e1c1137f96_c.jpg]
I got another Athearn RTR GP38-2 transplanted on a Trainman drive and completed with SMD 0402 LEDs, Tsunami 2 and some detail parts.
The CSX 2559 is an unusual engine. No rear ditch lights, no snow plough, no AC, a tiny tank but recently reworked without a new boxcar scheme but with the horn moved on the long hood and PTC antenna on the cab roof.
I wonder what the initial use of that engine was? The tiny tank looks like light weight rails and no long run jobs. It was initially the Durham&Southern 2003. DS 2003

[Image: 41275278910_c832b2e4c8_c.jpg]
[Image: 41275278900_6974fc5b00_c.jpg]
In the center of the layout is a none rail served industry. It was about aligned with the others. I thought it might be better to recess it and add some detail (fence, small trees, back yard) not appropriate with rail served industries at the rail side.

I cut the building down to a depth of four inch only. That made it a typical backdrop building I try to avoid on this layout. I doubled it to a depth of eight inch and it became a mature building again.

[Image: 42397007995_85181821c1_c.jpg]
[Image: 42397008015_43f9b1ee7b_c.jpg]
[Image: 29431555068_e94df2c723_c.jpg]
The end  Icon_cry

[Image: 29535532957_ee01fdd4be_c.jpg]
[Image: 30603564618_8414b48ee5_c.jpg]

The water solvable white glue is again not very impressed by water but requests hard labor work ..... Not as bad as last time but I will need at least two more days to get a clean and plain base again.

Reinhard, are you off your trolley?   Eek   Your ISLs are always so interesting to follow as you develop them, and I've always enjoyed watching them evolve.
If you're going to be modelling trolleys, whether PCCs or Brills and Birneys, they'd better have animated riders and pedestrians. Goldth

Sad to see it go. I have had good results using windshield washer fluid to soften white glue.

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I loved that layout because
- it was the first on the new bench work with the concept of top boards easy to replace
(I was prepared to use that option today if the white glue could not be dissolved)
- all buildings scratch build
- all buildings wall papered with Google Streetview images
- all switches without any wiring, dead frog and simple over center spring and it worked flawless
It was unique and I learned a lot.

I want to do a switch from industry to city. Both are my darlings and cities match mare easy with trolleys. They are short and the curve radius can be less than 8". I am inspired by I am unsure if I can grasp that atmosphere but no chance of scratch built structures.
I am sad to see the old one go , but greatly anticipating what will come next.
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