The Hobo Camp Fire Is going well #VIII.. Stop In!!!
Chilly today in the NorthEast...  only going up to 65.  Two weeks ago, that was our low.
We sent some of this cooler weather down South for Chief to enjoy too!  Big Grin  Big Grin  Big Grin
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Good morning folks

Like Mikey said it is chilly on my side of Delaware County. Current temperature is 58 and now they are saying 63 will be our high.

Yesterday the wife and I picked up two new kitchen chairs. After we got home, I had to put them together. Our old chairs were uncomfortable and cause pains in our legs. Before COVID they didn’t bother us as much but now with being home we are spending more time in them using the kitchen table as a work site more often.

Last night I took out my tank cars and photographed them for my inventory file. I discovered two that need minor repairs. One needs a brake wheel reattached and the other a railing reattached. These are today’s projects.

I hope everybody has a good day.
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Good morning all, did sleep in a bit late today, but being Sunday, I still got up before 4:30. My internal alarm clock says go to church today....

As Charlie says, we had a test Zoom chat yesterday and it went off better than I expected, a few minor hitches that we overcame quickly.  We will be setting up something so that we can do it more often and with anyone that wants to join in, so stay tuned.

Still hitting the over 100 mark, 104 today and tomorrow. Still going target shooting tomorrow, will go early and eat breakfast of the way back. There's a TA truck stop that we normally go to, but the restaurant has been closed since March. Their website says they're open now, so let's hope. One time we were coming back and they were closed and every other restaurant we stopped at, including a Cracker Barrel and several Denny's, all had lines and at least a 30 minute wait. That was right after they allowed restaurants to open with 50% capacity. And no, we didn't get in line, just went home. Hospitals here are starting to allow visitors, one visitor per patient, masks and a pre-check are required.
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