I do believe you would find that flat car to be renumbered KJR 44 in later years.  Icon_e_biggrin
It's a little thing, but it gives me joy.  Bought some Kartrak Scanner tag decals from K4 a few weeks ago.  This sad 100-ton hopper got the first set right under the last "N"....    
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Central Vermont T3A #707

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CNR U3A Northern #6309

[Image: 52250925215_bae7dc6335_k.jpg]P1470445 by Ed Creechan, on Flickr
Here is the newest steamer in the fold.

NYO&W 2-6-0 Mother Hubbard by IHC.

[Image: 7AhHgzf.jpg]
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Interesting locomotive, Tom...

I can just picture the poor fireman, one foot in the outhouse-sized rear cab, the other on the front lip of the tender, alternately throwing shovelfuls of culm into each of the loco's two firebox-doors.  I'm guessing that when he gets home, he'll be looking somewhat like Buckwheat of the Lil' Rascals.
Incidently, the real Buckwheat recently changed his name to Kareem of Wheat, and was last seen pursuing a career in basketball.

OMG, Wayne, now that is seriously the most funny thing I have read all week, I appleade you, good sir Applause Icon_lol 

On a more serious note, Tom, the Camelback looks great, but I never understood those engines, they must have been hell to run in the winter. The whole design just seems totally wrong to me, I have never seen them operate, I am sure I am missing something Icon_redface  .
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[Image: up_turb10k_r.gif]
Thanks for your kind words, Deano.

Those camelbacks were certainly unique, but it must have been difficult for the engineer, too, as there was usually no one on the other side of his cab, looking out of the window, when the train was entering a left-curve.

On an ordinary steamer, either the fireman or the head-end brakeman could spot things out the left-side window that the engineer might not be aware of...they could at least holler across the cab to let him know if there was something of concern ahead of them.


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