A-B-A F3's to pull their first excursion
At the 2018 ARHS convention we will be displaying the fruits of our labors.
 Our A-B-A set of Lackawanna F-3's,  ( the only F-3 trio in the world ) will provide the power for their first excursion as a 3  unit set from Scranton to the Tobyhanna army depot. This is all being done to celebrate the F's 70th birthday.  Tours, photo run buy's, and a BBQ are all part of the festivities... Just read the attached mailer. 
 We have spent countless hours restoring and operating these units over the years and now it's time to show them off. If you have followed my 1:1 scale modeling thread you know the work that we put into these engines. Membership is not required for attendance, Or you can just chase.... I will be riding with the engine crew as the mechanic, so stop by and say hi.

 My other car is a locomotive, ARHS restoration crew  
That sounds really cool!!!!
~~ Mikey KB3VBR (Admin)
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~~ I wonder what that would look like in 1:20.3???
I'll have to see if i can make it!
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