HO Streetcar
Reinhard, I also find it hard to model industrial scrap that looks good in roll off dumpsters since each industry will produce it own type of scrap and IMHO such scenery details adds to believability that the industry is indeed busy producing product.

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Did so some layouts ago. It worked fine until I opened windows at the east and west side at the same time

Well, that could be a prototypical problem but I wouldn't have given that a thought. I have my train building pretty well sealed and rely on AC when it is hot. I have the 2 windows covered with room darkening blinds and shades so no wind problems.

You have even added the wind to your model. Wink
The fine pharmacy did not sell the drugs in demand in modern times. A pawn shop serves the new clients better.

[Image: 45902267665_5f950b6841_c.jpg]
I turned the movies theater by 90 degree and earned a nice triangle „none building“ area. 
The old right side of the structure was moved to the left side. 
The patches cover some spots where the paint flaked during the brutal wall break and glue operation. I think it supports the decay flavor.

[Image: 45927003435_2aa3f46f8b_c.jpg]
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