Juneco CNR 250 ton Ice house
I've had this kit for almost ten years and finally have the opportunity to build it for my layout.
[Image: 20181221415_DSCF7769.JPG]

[Image: 201812214134_DSCF7770.JPG]
It's not a large kit, about 4 1/2X 3 1/4" so it's a nice model railroad size. Especially for a home layout.

[Image: 201812214418_DSCF7771.JPG]

[Image: 201812214452_DSCF7772.JPG]
The kit comes with milled walls, strip wood and a bag of castings. It is pretty obvious that it pre-dates any laser cut kits.
I hope you will post more photos of the "journey"
Guy from Southern Quebec.
Most definitely. Thanks for following along
I Managed to get some decent headway on the project today.

[Image: 201812222539_DSCF7773.JPG]

I started on the two end walls. Both are milled to size with the roof peaks. However they are a bit short so you have to add the tips of the peaks and then trim accordingly. The one roofline is only milled partway but that's for the gabled roof on the trackside of the structure.

[Image: 2018122225631_DSCF7774.JPG]

I finished off one end wall and almost the other with all the doors.

[Image: 2018122225742_DSCF7774.JPG]
I managed to get all the doors in on the end wall. There's a man door and then three loading doors stacked above each other. the kit gives you white metal hinge castings for the doors. I sprayed them with primer and installed them will be the next step.
Just a quick update to prove I haven't abandoned the project.

[Image: 2018121384936_DSCF7776.JPG]

I finished off the sidewall with all the doors and built the rear wall. The rear wall can be built with a door and platform so the structure can service two tracks but since I'm only using one track, the wall is blank.
I've started the front wall, I'll update that shortly.
I finished off the front wall

[Image: 20181222115035_DSCF7808.JPG]

and built the front platform supports

[Image: 20181222115244_DSCF7809.JPG]

I'll be putting the walls up and starting work on the roof. I have some time off around Christmas so I hope to make some good progress on projects.
I got the walls put together

[Image: 2018122445346_DSCF7850.JPG]

I also attached the platform supports so now the main structure can be painted.
I managed to get the roof on this morning

[Image: 2018122514552_DSCF7853.JPG]

I first airbrushed the building in Polly-S boxcar red.

[Image: 2018122514648_DSCF7854.JPG]

Then the main roof sections were fitted. One side of each was beveled to meet at the peak. You also have to trim the roof back to fit the gabled section. I found about 4 scale feet worked for me.

[Image: 2018122514949_DSCF7855.JPG]
Then the gabled roof sections are cut out and fitted into place.

[Image: 20181225141254_DSCF7857.JPG]

When I was satisfied that everything fit right it was glued down. I did omit one step in the roof installation. I was supposed to draw the guide lines for the shingles but I won't be using the kit shingles so those lines wouldn't work anyway.
That's come together very nicely, Glen.  Thumbsup Thumbsup

Thanks Wayne. I do have a question about Ice houses and packing ice. I read somewhere that they used sawdust as insulation around the ice blocks when they packed the ice in. Is that right?

I got the model finish up to the shingles.

[Image: 20181227132456_DSCF7884.JPG]

I added the fascia board to the roof ends.

[Image: 20181227132619_DSCF7885.JPG]

And then I build the roof cupola. There are 19 parts to it. It will be installed after the roof is shingled.

[Image: 20181227133131_DSCF7886.JPG]

Then I painted everything in boxcar red. I'm hoping that a bit of weathering will break up the monotone color scheme. The shingles will also help with that. Speaking of that, I haven't gotten them yet so I'll have to put this on hold until they come.
In the meantime:

[Image: 20181227133412_DSCF7887.JPG]
This looks awesome!!
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Glen, there seems to be some differing info on whether the ice was packed in sawdust or the icehouses insulated with sawdust.  I'd think the latter:  double walls, with the space between filled with sawdust. 

My garage, about 130 years old-or-so, was at one time a house, and some of the walls have sawdust as insulation, so it was used for that purpose.  I've also read of straw being used as insulation in double walls, too.
There's some information HERE on the ice industry and on the icehouses in Barrie, Ontario.

Thanks Kevin and Wayne. I was wondering if I should have fresh sawdust spilled around the structure but that's not necessary.
I did change one thing on the roof after it was pointed out that the small extension of the main roof beside the dormer was un-prototypic by two roofing experts. I've been slowly painting all the details but I was hit by the flu last Friday so I haven't been spending as much time in the workshop as I'd like.
Thanks guys. I finished up painting the castings this afternoon.

[Image: 201912232018_DSCF7895.JPG]

I primered everything in light gray, painted with some craft paints and them did a bit of airbrush overspray using rust and grimey black.

[Image: 201912232213_DSCF7896.JPG]

I painted the figures in the same way but with a much smaller brush. I'll be giving them a coat of dulcote to fix the paint a bit better.
Nice job on those castings.
Guy from Southern Quebec.
Thanks. I like how the figures turned out. The figure on the far right sort of reminds me of the Late Gord Downie of The Tragically Hip.
I'm still waiting for the shingles to arrive so I'll have to put this project on hold for now and start a new one.

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