Juneco CNR 250 ton Ice house
I finally got around to adding the shingles to the roof.

[Image: 2019421164733_DSCF8034.JPG]

The shingles are laser cut on heavy-ish tan paper. I stained them with some testors diftwood stain before applying them.

[Image: 2019421164921_DSCF8035.JPG]

I then determined that a 2.5mm spacing would work best for the overlap so I penciled in guide lines onto the roof.

[Image: 2019421165042_DSCF8036.JPG]

I used scotch double sided tape for adhesive. It took a couple hours to apply all the shingles. I still have to add the peak shingles but I'm not sure what to do about the valleys that are on the sides of the dormer.
(04-21-2019, 02:58 PM)cnrglen Wrote: ....I'm not sure what to do about the valleys that are on the sides of the dormer.

If it were mine, I'd consider the valley protection already installed and the shingles added in a manner that pretty-well covered things.  Unless you feel like trimming-back the shingles alongside the valleys, there's not really any other way I can think of to do it.

I also forgot to add valley protection on this former coal elevator, but my position is that it's there, rather well-covered....

[Image: S0045752.jpg]

Valleys normally have flashing underneath with a space between where the shingles meet for runoff. Like Wayne says, no need to get fancy, no flashing, don't worry about it, just leave some space....
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I can tell you the blocks were packed in saw dust too. it helped insulate them and it kept them from freezing together.
So I finished up the icehouse today, starting with adding the shingles to the roof peaks.

[Image: 20194282101_DSCF8037.JPG]

a bit tedious, I had to cut the shingles out in pairs, then bend and glue them to the peak one at a time. I think it came out looking decent though.

[Image: 20194282124_DSCF8039.JPG]

I also added the trackside platform.

[Image: 20194282139_DSCF8040.JPG]

I stained the platform and the shingles with a bit of A&I then added a couple ice bocks and a couple figures. I used my fiberglass brush to scratch some paint off the siding. When I get around to it I'll probably add some dirt to the lower walls with my airbrush.

[Image: 201942821629_DSCF8043.JPG]

And this is where it will go on the layout. The platform side will be away from the viewer but you can see it from the side.

[Image: 201942821816_DSCF8044.JPG]

I will be removing the ground cover/ static grass from beside the track when I get around to adding the rest of the scenery. I have a few more structures to build for this area before that will happen.

[Image: 201942822017_DSCF8045.JPG]

Keeping with the ice theme, I'll be building this next to sit by the RR icehouse. It just seems appropriate to have to two next to each other.

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