LaBelle kits for passenger cars...
Recently, a friend contacted me to enquire if I had any interest in some LaBelle kits for old-time passenger cars.  Apparently there are some which have been started but not completed (not his work, but supposedly very nicely-done so far) and some are new-in-box kits, unstarted, but apparently complete. 

I have little interest in wood kits since discovering the joys of working in styrene, but wonder if there might be any interest here.  I haven't yet seen these kits in person, but if there's sufficient interest, I will get them and provide photos.

He hasn't indicated what he expects for them, but assured me that prices (if there's any interest) would be very reasonable.  He feels that he won't have time to ever get around to building them, and is more interested in seeing them go to people who would, as he put it. "Enjoy building them and give them a good home."

In case there's more response to this than I anticipate, I think that the fairest way to handle this will be on a first-come, first-served basis.  He seems uncertain as to how many kits there are (I've seen the shelves of unbuilt kits, so I'm not surprised by that), but I get the impression that there are at least 5 or 6, and perhaps more.  He may also come across other long forgotten stuff, which might be available, too. 

As I mentioned, pictures and more info depending on response from Members.  There is not, at this time, anything for sale, I'm simply looking to see if there's any interest in these older types of kits.

Any way you could find out and post more details about what kits and how many?
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Well, I can certainly contact him by 'phone, but I'd really like to see them myself, too.  One person's evaluation of them may vary from what another observer might see. 

If I have a chance, I'll drive out (about an hour-or-so) to see him next week, and can probably pick-up all of what he's got.  I'll assess them then, and take some photos, too, which I'll post in this thread.  If the kits look good (complete), I'll see if he'll give me a better idea of what he wants for them.  He's already made it very clear that he's not looking to make bags of money on them, but rather they would go to someone who would enjoy building and using them.

He has commented to me more than once that he often buys things at train shows that he doesn't need, only because he's bothered that very few people nowadays are interested in this older stuff.  From what I've seen at these shows, it's either older modellers thinning their collections, or equally-older modellers selling the train stuff from their late friends' estates.

Anyway, Kevin, you're first on the list if there's anything of interest in what he's got.

Hi again, Kevin.  By the sound of the weather reports, it may be a few days before I get out to see my friend's LaBelle, kits, but I did get some info a few minutes ago, via 'phone.

Kit HO-1 is a 1905 coach, partially constructed, but supposedly rather well-done.

Kit HO-2 is a 1905 combine, also partially done, in a similar manner.

Kit HO-5 is a 1900 parlour car, partially finished, as above.

Kit HO-6 is a 1903 observation car, also in the same state as the others

The fifth car is either HO-3, a 1905 baggage car, or HO-14, an 1883 open platform baggage car.  Apparently, this kit is unbuilt, but my friend suspects that either the previous owner ran into difficulties or some of the parts may be missing.  He'll have a closer look later, but doesn't wish to sell it if it's incomplete or poorly-done.

He hasn't yet indicated a price, but has assured me that it is very unlikely to be a deal breaker.  His main desire is that they go to someone who will not only enjoy building them, but also appreciate their vintage nature.

When I do get a chance to visit, I'll take some photos so that you can see the quality of the work which has been done, and also see what yet needs to be done.  As with most of these older kits, trucks and couplers are not included.

Here's a link to Labelle's HO scale passenger cars, with line drawings showing the various cars mentioned.


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