Athearn Rotary Snowplow
underside looks great painted. will ask one question what shade do you paint underside ( meaning stark black or a softer one like bone black) ?  my self I prefer bone black because its a softer color and has a very slight brown tint.
"Normal" bedtime is usually between 4:00 and 5:00AM, but I always enjoyed nightshifts, so it's pretty-much my natural rhythm, I think.   School days were often difficult and and when I started working, I hated dayshifts...fortunately, most of my co-workers felt the same about nightshifts, so it was often easy to get shift changes, with both parties satisfied with the arrangement.

That "early quit" last night pushed back the work on the plow, but I managed to catch-up on it today, and I'll post some photos a little later.

(05-17-2019, 02:15 PM)jim currie Wrote: question what shade do you paint underside.....

Jim, that colour was a mixed colour which is one of the four which I use when painting steam locomotives.  It's either the one I use for boilers or the one for running gear.  All but one have black as the main colour, with white, grey, brown and sometimes red added in varying amounts. The fifth colour also uses black as its base, but gets a lot more of the other colours, and doesn't end up looking much like black at all.

Here's a freshly painted locomotive, with weathering not yet added (other than that which I've done by using the varied base colours....

[Image: CNRMogul019.jpg]

...It's not overly noticeable in photos, but the tender's sides and the cab are blackest, the boiler and tender deck less-so, and the running gear of the loco and tender lighter still.  The smoke box and firebox are the lightest, with the most colour additions.  (While the cylinder casting looks similar to the smokebox in colour, it's actually the same paint as the boiler, and is simply catching light due to its side not being perpendicular.)

This one's had a light weathering added, as per the owner's preference...

[Image: 4193114.jpg]

...because the colours need to be regularly replenished, the tones do vary, and locos painted at different times have variations....

[Image: Foe-toesfromTrainBrainsecondcd031.jpg]

[Image: Foe-toesfromfirstcd155.jpg]

I decided to take a break from the rotary plow project, and drove to Mount Forest for a little railfanning.  While I have a few connections there that allow me more access than the average train nut, I hadn't done much preparation, and knew only that there'd be a mixed train heading south sometime within the next hour-or-so.

I had barely set-up near the roundhouse when a whistle heralded a coming train...

[Image: S0015835.jpg]

...and after only six cars, the combine bringing up the rear signified the end of the short train...

[Image: S0025836.jpg]

Preparing to get my camera gear together, I was surprised to see that the train had a surprise for me, and I quickly grabbed this shot...

[Image: S0035837.jpg]

I tried for another, but didn't have time to get up onto the gondola parked nearby, resulting in this cut-off view...

[Image: S0045838.jpg]

I scrambled back to my car, as I knew that the train would be stopping at the nearby Mount Forest station, where I should be able to get a better shot.  However, as I rounded a bend in the road, the plow and tender were slowing, well before the station.  Must be another train in the way (there's an interchange with CNR's LeeTown sub just south of the station), so I was able to get a somewhat better look....

[Image: S0065840.jpg]

As the shutter closed on the photo above, I heard the slack running out, and knew that my train would be moving on to the station.  I was fortunate to get a decent look at both the tender...

[Image: S0075841.jpg]

...and the plow, just before they began to move...

[Image: S0085842.jpg]

I threw my gear back in the car, and caught up with the train, stopped again, just in time to catch the business end of the plow...

[Image: S0105846.jpg]

That caboose on the adjacent track, and the train ahead of it, will have to wait it's turn, as the mixed has first  priority today.  I learned, from a friend at the station, that the plow and tender will go to Dunnville  (the eastern terminus of the Grand Valley), where they'll  be turned on the wye at Airline Junction, and then sent, on another train, to Lowbanks, on the Erie Northshore, their permanent destination.

I'll try to get some better photos of the two later.

Doc---I have always been blown away with your modelling skills but your story telling adds another quality to your work---I've often said you should write books just like Ian Wilson
A few photos taken at Lowbanks, with the plow and tender nearing completion...

[Image: PLOW%20%20TENDER%20-%20FIVE.jpg]

[Image: PLOW%20%20TENDER%20-%20FOUR.jpg]

[Image: PLOW%20%20TENDER%20-%20THREE.jpg]

An absolutely fantastic build Wayne. You could not please us more.... but I'm betting that you will, and very soon.... Waiting 

What the heck does that mean? You'll see....
Don (ezdays) Day
Board administrator and
WOW, as always, very nicely done. 
Very impressive Doc
looks great , like it just came out of back shop ready for another hard winter. are the hand carts from tichy ?
Thanks for the kind words, guys.

Jim, the handcars are Revell, on the left, and Tichy on the right, and one of the two in the middle is from Grandt Line, while I'm uncertain of the origin of the other.  I do have quite a few of the Tichy ones elsewhere on the layout.


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