Stone Arch Viaduct / Bridge
Casting Curved Arch Roof Pieces

I asked the builder about any difficulties with casting those curved pieces?
[Image: 22-8.JPG]

He responded,
Quote:You're right, it was a bit of a problem. I had to wait until the plaster was a bit less soupy. I kept troweling it to coax it "up the hill" until completely set.
Of course, that was on the back (unseen) side of the casting. Some did have thin spots, and I broke a few. Just made some more!
Closed Molds

I subsequently ask,
Please excuse my limited knowledge of 'plaster casting'.
Is it possible to have a 'closed mold' to cast plaster/hydrocal?....say a double sided one into which one would pour the mix?
You might be able to pour the whole arch in one shot rather then 2 halfs??

Doctorwayne suggested I have a look at a posting he had made on this forum,...
Making Molds

I need to spend some time looking thru this info

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