S guage decals
can anybody tell me where to get S guage Pennsylvania RR diesel decals.  Plz send me an mail at patston@msn.com.
I don't know of any ready made supplier but if you contact Matthew at Circus City Decals https://circusdecals.ecwid.com/S-Scale-1-64-c15775026  He doesn' list any PRR but I am sure he can make them for you.  He does a wonderful job and makes the best decals I have ever worked with. 
Hi Charley B;
Thanks for your fast reply. I will get in touch with the address you give. I am thinking of repainting a AF diesel in Pennsy colors. I bought it for my Grandson which was born with Downs syndrome with the hopes his parents will set it up for Christmas. I myself is in HO and this may be little something for them to work with. I do have a HO model passenger train which is a model of the PA K4 loco and cars set aside for him but will setting this up for him be too complicated for them---I don't know. So I went to the larger S scale hoping it will be easier for them.
Thanks again;
As you can read----I am big with HO gauge but I am still interested in finding S scale Pennsylvania decals. So if anybody knows where I can obtain them I would appreciate it very much if you would pass the information to me.

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