Container Loading Cranes
Container Loading Cranes

I've been looking thru LOTS of container crane images recently,...specifically HO scale, and specifically railroad car loading ones. I have some specific requirements I am seeking for my two container handling areas, but I thought it might be interesting to see what other models (commercially available, kit-bashed, custom built) might be presented, and the reasons for those preferences.

Heljan model
I'll start out with one of my favorites, the Heljan model.

[Image: 8900_04.JPG]

This is an expensive one, and it appears as though it is ONLY available as a fully operational model. I find it almost surprising that neither Heljan has offered a non-operating model, or perhaps some other manufacturer??

It does appear as though they have copied a real existing crane, but I find it to be so wide as to be limited to pretty large container handling scenes. It spans so many tracks. I like the idea that it services a track (or two ?) outside of its inner span.

I would like to have a crane that spans only 2 or 3 tracks, with the capability to service one track outside its inner span. My container facility will possible be just barely wide enough to support this size crane.
Most intermodal cranes in the US are wide enough to transfer cans & pigs from/to rail cars or from/to trucks. Also they are on tires not rails. Do you have an image of a real one in use?
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I eventually discovered that most of the container loading crains in the USA are traveling on tires rather than rails. Its the Euro and Asian ones that utilize rails a little more often.

So I have settled on utilizing the Walther's cranes,...

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