Operating hopper cars
I've had an old tyco operating hopper kit for several years with the intentions of fitting it into a more modern and detailed hopper car. It's a very simple mechanical mechanism located in a piece of track that spreads the hopper doors open when the car passes over it and unloads the product. So far I've cut the inside of the Tyco hopper out and fit it into a Walthers 2 bay hopper. I also modified the metal Tyco frame and will need to do the same for the Walthers frame so that the Tyco frame can be joined to it with epoxy or something. I actually think this might work.
[Image: received_531351580888860_zpsk7u0dgfy.jpeg]
[Image: received_696962394411107_zps3bxvmzvt.jpeg]
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Looking good so far..

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I remember those cars, and I think that I had at least of couple of them, sold many years ago.

Are you planning to cut the metal underframe, in order to get the outlet gates aligned with the hoppers on the longer car?
If you do, you could use either brass or plastic U-channel  to reconnect the two parts - it would likely require the removal of some material from both outer-sides of the metal, in order to fit back into the new car.  An ordinary mill file would take care of that very quickly.

Looking forward to following your progress.

Both frames fit nicely together, I'll just need to permanently attach them. The height seems accurate enough for the hopper doors to swing open with the track mechanism. The doors are getting snagged every other time which will cause the car to derail so that'll be the next hurdle. I think once the grey Tyco hopper is secure to the Walthers car body the doors won't get hung up..I hope
[Image: received_990317138037179_zpst5pptsnh.jpeg]
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