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A Canada Day tradition---riding the Niagara Peninsula RR. Wine Train.A very popular attraction in the fruit growing region of southern Ontario is a train ride which includes dinner and wine tasting as the train travels through scenic farms and vineyards.This train was so popular that the Leetown Division has partnered with the NPRR. to add an extended route from Lowbanks to Beeton.On this part of the trip CNR steam locomotive E10A #91,open observation car Mount Resplendent and a private observation car #44 for those willing to pay an extra fee are included in the consist.Typically most of the "true rail fans" like to ride in the Mount Resplendent while their spouses prefer the air conditioned comfort of the coach,Pullman car or diner.  Most riders in car #44 are just enjoying the open bar.  I caught the Wine Train on the Stoney Creek Incline as it travelled through the Leetown Division.

With all the partying going on in car #44 I guess the moderators deleted the picture---here's the car on the rear of the wine train.

The Niagara Peninsula Wine Train has become so popular that the CNR has transferred dome car "Grand River" to the Leetown Division.When in service added power is required to haul these heavyweight passenger cars,especially up the Stoney Creek Incline.Consolidation N4A #2659 and E10A Mogul #91 are the regulars on this assignment.

[Image: 49980550336_142265095b_k.jpg]P1400368 (3) by Ed Creechan, on Flickr


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