Train De Charlevoix (may be a new project)

in my inventory i found this:

[Image: dsc03188rrkn0.jpg]
DB 628.2 + 928.2 in first livery mint green. The model is from Roco out of the 1980's and meanwhile it is converted to DCC. Flanges are turned down and wheelsets were fixed to meet NMRA specs. It runs flawlesss. Adding ditchlights, air condition units, snow ploughs, horns and some detailing is still required. This will then match the third DMU of the Train De Charlevoix.

A big bugbear for me is painting and lettering. This is the pivot where whole project is hooked up.

What do you think?

(08-23-2020, 07:01 AM)Schraddel Wrote: ....A big bugbear for me is painting and lettering.....

What do you think?


Well, you've already done some mechanical upgrades, but the re-paint will depend, I think, on how easy (or difficult) it will be to disassemble the two units.  If you can take them apart, stripping off the original paint shouldn't be too difficult.
The new paint scheme might be a bit of a challenge, though, as most of the surfaces are without reference points, (except for the doors and windows) such as rivets or panel lines, which are useful in determining where masking tape is located.
I'd paint the whole thing in the white (or perhaps it's light grey) of the strip across the front and along the lower parts of the sides, then, once it's dry, re-mask the car as needed, and paint the yellow portions.

Once that paint has fully cured, too, re-mask again to apply the darker grey.

A possible alternative would be to paint the entire bodyshells with the darkish grey, then use coloured decal film to apply the light stripes near the bottom and the yellow swoops along the sides and the yellow front panel.  Probably a lot easier than masking and painting multiple times, if you can find decal film in the suitable colours.


thank you for the suggestions. The straight lines should not be the problem, masking and spray painting straight lines is business as usual.
But this rolling yellow stripe is. It looks like an good idea to cut it out of an yellow decal.

There is no problem to demount the modell to the bare carbody shell. The silver portion of the roof is a separate part.

Next is the lettering. I searched the www for photos which are showing the DMUs from plain side view, but found nothing. With a plain view a friend of mine will be able to create a pattern for printing.


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