The Hobo Camp Fire Is going well #IX.. Stop In!!!
Hello Blue
It stayed cloudy all day yesterday and today is going to be the same. Hi today 0f 71 but warming to 80s during the coming week.
The club had an outdoor meet yesterday, some U-Tubers were going to be there that I would have liked to meet but I had an issue that kept me home. May have been from the liquid I had to drink for a C-Scan on Friday evening, or maybe not. You know what I'm talking about.
TCA.....Detroit3Railers.....Glancy modular layout(Detroit historical Society)
Good morning all, thanks Tom and everyone else, there's no doubt that being old really sucks when you are trying to recover. I decided to stay home and watch mass on TV, for some reason I don't think they'll let me sit in a pew with my legs stretched out. Nope There's nothing seriously wrong, just that I ache from my kneecaps to my shoulders. I think after they put me to sleep, they wheeled me out onto US60 to do the surgery and we got clipped a few times by traffic. That's the only explanation that I can think that fits. Icon_rolleyes

So anyway, I did manage to sit at the computer long enough to get a basic design on my log cabin. I think this one is going to be like the old homesteaders did, you design as you go with the materials you have at hand. What's really amazing is how accurate their cuts and notches are, making dovetail notches on both ends of a 40' log and have them fit perfectly.  I doubt that they even had rulers back then. Worship The same goes for putting up barns with mortise and tendon joints. If you haven't seen the show, I got my inspiration from "Barnwood Builders", they are on the Magnolia Network, (was the DYI channel), streaming, YouTube and a few other places...

Gotta go, take care and enjoy what's left of the weekend.
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