Juneco 75 foot deck Bridge
Thanks everyone.  As I said before this was my first bridge and I found I liked the challenge.
I spent the day fitting the bridge into the layout. But first I had to add a small piece of benchwork.


I cut a piece of plywood 3X11" and fitted it into the gap below. I temporarily screwed it to these two supports from the top before I secured it from below to make sure it would be flush with the rest of the top deck. 


Then I laid the bridge back in and lined up where I would cut the flex track.


The bridge is now fitted. The rail joiners on both sides are loose so I can remove the bridge so I can fit the piers and abutments, but you get the idea.



Now I can measure and scratchbuild the piers and abutments. I'm figuring on a pair of joined trestle bents under the bridge 'feet' and a taller bent against a retaining wall at each end.
here's another photo that might help with abutments . 
Thanks Jim. I figured out the piers for the bridge:


As I mentioned I decided to build two bents and join them together with cross bracing  and lateral beams. I looked at a few pictures and photographs and this looked the most convincing to me.


And with the bridge supported.


And on the layout. One pier is snug against the bridge and the ground, the other needs just a bit of shimming for a tight fit.
here's a photo of a prototype using then same type of support , bridge looks great . 

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