Technology: How Much Is Too Much?
My 2 cents Misngth ....

My current loco roster is about 55% DCC 45% DC (some of my DCC decoded engines ALSO run on DC, just cant control the sounds). Currently I have the inside loop DC, the outside loop is DCC. My Dads last two layouts I had wired to run DC or DCC with just the flip of 4 toggle switches, ALL engine holding tracks were blocked off with toggles too. I am going to do the same with my layout, just havent got around to finishing the wiring yet, about 80% there Misngth . 

For me, I ALWAYS prefer DCC when switching stuff and just flat out feel like really WORKING trains. Having the sound to do the actual real horn sounds, the bell sounds, hearing the engine move, and I have a paddle lock that I use to lock and unlock at the switches, counting to 5-15 to allow for the brakeman to get out and do his stuff. DOING ALL OF THAT, REALLY ADDS to the whole experience, I find it takes model RRing to a whole new level, adds a lot of value to the whole train running experience. AND, as mentioned by others, running two trains at once on the same system is 100% easier with DCC, the wiring is way more simple too, no blocked sections. 

HOWEVER, if I am working on something in the train room(my train room shares another hobby also), and just feel like watching trains run through the scenery, DC is perfectly fine for me, so my DC engines get used alot  in this situation. Many times I'll have a DC train going, and a DCC train running on another track, while I am also watching something like High Iron of Wisconsin on the TV hooked up to my computer, while I am doing something. Honestly, I really dont plan on converting any more engines to DCC at this point, I have a proven plan and it has worked just fine, running DC and/or DCC works for me.  

Just to make it clear, yes, I am for DCC and technology in model RRing...not into a computer running my trains, but if your into it, good for you I say Goldth .
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