Athearn genesis sd45-2 ditch lights question.
Hi everyone.

Cannot believe I joined this forum years ago & this is my first post. Well here goes.

I have a athearn genesis sd45-2 in pan am livery & its factory fitted with tsunami sound. It has a small packet of ditch lights pre wired & I would like to know how they fit. I purchased the model second hand & I cannot seem to see anything in the paperwork that covers fitting the ditch lights & I wondered if it was missing the instructions that covered it.
I've been out of the hobby for a long time & so I'm a bit rusty.


Hello and a heartly welcome.

Fitting ditchlights and other lightning devices after sales needs to read the manual for the decoder.
But at first when was your loco released? This is essential to estimate the type of decoder mounted.
A helpful resource is this here:
For older discontinued decoder there is a page too:

Some months ago i posted this here:
Perhaps it may be helpful for you.

Hi Lutz

It's not a tsunami 2 I know that. I will have a proper look when I get home & read through the links you've shared

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