Railroad Interlocking Towers
Ok everyone I figured we would try a different kind of thread this time. Let's see those pictures you have of past and present Interlocking towers. They don't have to be in service. Let's see how many are actually left in the United States. 

J Tower is located at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania

Alto Tower is located in Altoona, Pa. This tower was closed in 2012 and all operations were handed over to the Pittsburgh Dispatcher

AR Tower is located at the top of the grade in Gallitzin, Pa. This tower is a little remote to get to and is illegal to even access the road going to it. Norfolk Southern is currently in the process of demolishing AR and MG Towers.

MO Tower was located in Cresson, Pa. MO was demolished in 1998. This was taken by my late father. I did have other views of this tower from the other sides but they have since been lost. 

NY Tower was located in Portage, Pa. There are barely any if no photo's of this tower around. There is one photo of the previous NY Tower. All that is left from this one is the foundation and it can be found in the high weeds along the mainline. 
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