2022 SWD Summer Convention
in August 2022 the South West Division group of FREMO has made their summer convention in Ubstadt.
This year the timeframe was set in modern era 2000's +

[Image: dsc05937r5f74.jpg]
Running looong trains.

[Image: dsc05967zzd01.jpg]
Hermosa Beach, a brand new built module by Alain, is a citrus fruit packing station.

[Image: dsc05974kkeob.jpg]
The just have loaded the reefer with orange crates.

[Image: dsc05973y2flp.jpg]
A crate manufacturer was also modeled. Green truck is waiting to be loades with new empty crates. The planls therefor were delivered by rail.

[Image: dsc05982soigi.jpg]
Next stretch of the main is street running through a quiet suburb, Hysteria Lane or so. Built by Jens.

[Image: dsc059960rdwe.jpg]
Then Upper Terminal with it's barge operation is reached. Last year is was a pure plywood district, this year Silvia and Stefan managed it to ballast the tracks, made the water and built the ferry terminal.

[Image: dsc060239nf8n.jpg]
Uwe's curvature modules with the scratch built switches were ballasted and some landscape was done.

[Image: dsc06026frfdn.jpg]
Happy moonshiners in the Marengo Swamp.

[Image: dsc06028xoips.jpg]
Not so happy ex-moonshiners also in the Marengo Swamp.

[Image: dsc059901lizd.jpg]
[Image: dsc05993j1ecu.jpg]
[Image: dsc05992xucvy.jpg]
[Image: dsc05994yacuf.jpg]
Springfield yard built by Jens and still under constuction. This yard has two narrow bends because it is also used as home layout and has to be fit into the room.

[Image: dsc059306te69.jpg]
7th Street industrial area.

[Image: dsc05928oke7s.jpg]
And at least Flats at the end of the branch.

Some nice modeling, thanks for posting. I loved the pic of my ex in-laws (the convicts).

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