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Ok guy's;
lets see some pics of your work area's,and a little bio on the area.
Clean is great,clutter no problem,Don't know if this was ever touched on,but what the heck,I'll give it shot.
So get those dust pans out and take a couple of shots of your happy space. 357

You started the thread...Where's yours?
I'll have to take a pic of mine first.
Waiting for the boss to get home with the new camera,then I will post my shop pics,schould have thought of that before I posted the thread.
ITalk about open mouth insert foot syndrome,boy do I got it.. Icon_lol
My work area "migrates" around the basement. At the moment, I have my main 4x6 layout set up in our basement's spare bedroom. Our basement also has a kitchen so the kitchen counter more or less becomes my work area, when I'm painting or building something. I have to be careful to clean up and not leave too much stuff out! This is not photogenic so I won't bother with any pics.

Otherwise, I will bring my projects upstairs and, using lots of newspaper, etc., will work on the dining room table.

Mine is a tackle box I work out of that sits next to the coffee table...

[Image: tools.jpg]
I dont have any pics right now, but my work area is my old layout, which is a table thats 12'x30"x4'x30" L-Shaped Table. Its quite nice working area, and allows me to have a spot for working on one module, a working spot for assembling kits, and also storage area for tools, paint, and also a laptop desk lol. Ill get some pics up here soon Misngth

[Image: 100_0570.jpg]
Here's mine. It's made from a door which was taken from a hospital. It's covered with formica and makes a great work surface.

[Image: IMG_2836.jpg]

Hey SG, a tacklebox limits your work area, but that doesn't mean you have to keep it so neat. I have one picture of what I'm moving from (the last), and what I'm moving to. I can only get 3 pics in, those are what I'm going TO.

And 3 more

OK...I have three(WHAT????)areas I do my modeling in.
First is upstairs in the computer room(and is actually right behind me now)
Second...Down in the basement.
And my third one. Nice days I'll drag out my supplies, bring out a project, plug in the CD(or portable DVD)player and enjoy some fresh air.
Here it is back in December. There have been some changes since then. I don't have any pics of the changes. I will try to get some tomorrow.

[Image: 100_1493.jpg]
When I first noticed this thread, I thought "No way! I'm not showin' off what a slob I am!". Wink Misngth I'm in the midst of a fairly large project: rebuilding/detailing/painting and lettering a hundred-or-so freight cars, so there's lots of stuff pretty-well all over the place. After a little thought, though, I realised that a quick tidying (about 5 minutes) would probably make it presentable enough to show to my fellow slobs.
My shop is almost strictly for working on trains, and is fairly compact. The main room is about 7'x10', not counting the entryway, with a storage area/library in a closet under the stairs, and an adjoining paint shop, about 4'x7'.

Here's the view as you enter the room, with the closet (out of sight) to the left, and the paint shop (also out of sight) to the right:

Here's the closet area. Most of the stuff on top of the shelf is unbuilt kits, both rolling stock and structures, while my collection of RMC is in the cut-down detergent boxes on the shelves. The binders are of photo-copied pages, mostly from TRAINS and MR - this is where I research both my own projects and all those weird or obscure questions that often pop-up in the forums. Wink 357

To the right as you enter, on the facing wall, is this old radio/hi-fi, which does get used on those rare occasions when the flip-top isn't covered with stuff. :oops: The door is to the paint shop:

Here's where I do most of the work. The drawers are filled with tools, along with reference photos, manufacturers' catalogues, and my rolling stock rosters:

The parts cabinets are actually filled, mostly, with parts. Eek I made the holder for the Evergreen plastic strips from some sheet plastic (I buy it in 4'x8' sheets), and most of those sleeves have several packages of product in each. I also store wire and some stripwood here. The Bachmann boxes atop the filing cabinets are some of the locos that need to be re-worked:

This view is looking back from the paint shop. The small black shelf on the opposite wall holds more reference books and catalogues, with more locos to be re-built, on top in boxes:

Here's my spray booth, with the compressor in the lower cupboard, and spare filters, etc. above. The airbrush supplies are kept in the drawer, with cans of thinners and related stuff in the cupboard below that:

This is the work area across from the spray booth. More parts, and tools, too, in the storage bins and drawers, and paint, lots of paint. Eek The small jars on the top shelf are thinned for spraying, while that in the rack and on the bench is un-thinned.
The drawers are for tools - soldering irons, and mill files, mostly, as this area, when I'm not in the midst of a painting project, is for the "heavier" work. The real heavy-duty stuff, such as grinding and melting lead, is done in a regular shop in the garage. The cupboards below hold more paint, containers of various paint strippers, boxes of spare parts, and more "future projects".

Here's the other end of the same bench, mostly covered in just-painted trains. I keep my set of heavier numbered drills, #1 to 60, here, along with a motor tool. The small vise, partially visible at lower right, isn't mounted to the bench, as I like to place it where it's easiest to work, depending on the particular job. Heavier work that needs to be held firmly is done in the garage. The file card box contains decals, with more sets standing between the two parts cabinets. Dry transfers are in the separate drawer right at the top of the stack.
The boxcars sitting on the shelf are on my test track (the power pack can be seen in the previous photo, also on the shelf): this is where locos are tested and couplers are adjusted:

I hope that you've enjoyed this short photo tour of the EG&E Shops. Goldth

ok wayne,you win Misngth ,you beat my organazational skills by far,and i think most people here will agree Confusedhock: Thumbsup .
heres my workshop.my layout and everything is in the garage so i try to do most work in the summer.cold ohio winters do not agree with paint and glue drying times Misngth
[Image: overalllayoutshots006.jpg]
heres a relatively bad shot of the whole thing.with most of my heavy tools and paint being on the shelves and drawers of the tool box to the left.still need to get a spray booth though Thumbsup
[Image: overalllayoutshots005.jpg]
Heres is mine. Four Aristo-craft Mikados sit on the work bench.

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