Full Version: change in plans #102
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Well it seems like Im alwatys changing my mind on what to do with my layout, and as of recently I was going to dissassmeble my 9'x21' DMIR layout and re design it. Well im still gonna take it down, but instead of redesinging it in the same area, Im going to use an area that is about 12'x11' and go back to my old idea of building the Red Rock Northern layout out of a model railroader magizine that I have, Im just gonna freelance a small midwest BN served railroad. This way I still wont be using the entire basement and still will have a nice railroad. I also dont want something so big that by the time its done Im moving out of the house. Ill draw up a final plan and post pics sometime and hopefully get the current layout somewhat disassembled so I can start. Just wanted to update you guys and I guess that Ive always found starting a thread motivates me.
May your plans be successful!!. I wish you the best of adventures!!! Thumbsup Thumbsup Thumbsup Big Grin
Sounds good Smile Smile Remember - it's whatever you want to do! That's the great thing about the hobby - It's all on what you decide Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Well tonight I started pulling apart some of the benchwork. Lools like Ill need to be buying new foam for a lot of the layout, and it also looks like it will be alot more work just tking down the old one than I thought. Nope