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I think I did a good thing here. Recently, I've become interested in the paraphernalia surrounding Rail Roads. I've always liked the brakemen's lanterns hanging in the LHS (George's Trains...none for sale unfortunately...) So I went hunting on e-bay. Didn't take me long to find this one.


Has the original red glass globe and the burner still intact. Looks like it is in relatively good shape and hasn't been painted like some of the other ones I've come across. In my searches I also found some which I thought were really nice except when I read that the seller wanted $400 bucks for it and it had replica plastic lenses? Ahh...no.

Sorry pal you want 400 buckaroos, make sure it has the original glass lenses...INTACT!

Well...silly or not, it will look good in my layout area and add some decor to the space. I'm looking out for other bits and pieces, like yard limit signs...that kind of stuff.

Big Grin
You might look through the flea markets. Many years ago the ones near Grand Bend had some railway bits -- including lanterns.
Very nice!! Thumbsup
Yea! It came in the mail. So cool. I'm watching another one with a clear lens right now as I type this. It would be neat if I could acquire a full set with different coloured globes. Big Grin

[Image: DSC03312.jpg]
Very cool, I have some things from days gone by. One thing I would have loved to had but they wanted to much for it was what I believe was called a Pullmans step. It was the stool step they put down on the platform to help passengers board the train. It was a C&O one had raised C and O on the sides. They only wanted $600 for it I guess you know I only had $595 on me. My wife told me to get it, maybe I should have listened to her.
Maybe we should have a thread for this kind of things. Just to see what some people have acquired. Maybe I will start one tomorrow if no one beats me to it.