Full Version: Muskoka Layout Tour
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Anyone doing the layout tour this upcoming weekend ? (october 4th).

I'm going on my annual fall trip up to a cottage we rent in Parry Sound for a week starting next Thursday. I'm taking my usual amount of modelling projects to work on ( no phone,TV,computer or child) and anticipate partaking in the tour, even though there is only 1 N Scale layout on the tour itself. This means an additional day of train related activities while I'm away. I usually go railfanning at the CN/CP crossover just south of Parry Sound at the James Bay Jct.
My wife picked up the list at the LHS today and suggested we might go. That's after doing the Brampton show on Saturday.
I couldn't tell from the booklet -- is it free?
And Will Annand of this parish is a sponsor.
It's a free tour and looks to be quite interesting- with lots of interesting layout themes. A perfect time of the year to check out the colors AND the trains.
Be sure to take and post lots of pictures for those of us who aren't fortunate enough to be able to get up there! 2285_
No problem - The only difficulty will be deciding what to post.

This is my annual 'up north' trip. A week of good friends, no phones, no computer, no TV - but lots of dog walks/hiking, eating, Trivial Pursuit games, a couple pints, and of course, TONS of little train projects !