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I thought I'd toss a few pics of my current project -- JB Industrial. The red building is a conglomeration of the Herald, Gruesome Casket, and the RR Hotel by AHM. The gray building is made of three Lifelike kits. It is still a work in progress -- I still need to add the O.H. crane in front of the gray building, complete the concrete, add details, and a dd a lot of weathering. There will be a loading dock in the recessed area for tractor trailers. I am planning on adding a bridge to the right of the gray building towards the edge of the layout to hide the entrance to staging, implying another building off scene. I'll send an update when I complete the scene; it may be awhile.
[Image: IMG_6179.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6180.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6181.jpg]

Wow, Chuck! I am really liking that brick structure!! I'm a sucker for old brick buildings (upstate Pennsylvania is bristling with them - all sizes, shapes and ages!) My GERN facility is to be a campus of such buildings.

But this baby has got some real character! The coping is so unremarkaably typical ... the cornice is nicely proportioned ... it is a very interesting structure architecturally. I like very much having only one door open on the dock - a device I am currently taking a break from fabricating right now ... it's to be open to one small "shadow box room" with some appropriate stuff - wood crates, burlap sacks, wood and steel barrels in it ... and a guy or two ... someone has to be working in there!

I like the way it is situated on its plot of real estate as well! The angle is perfect for getting the maximum amount of impact from the architectural palette available. Then you focus on detailing out the two visible sides, filling the interior with several flat black sheets corner to corner to eliminate "looking thru" and you've got a wonderful industrial anchor building!

Keep at it ... I'm bookmarking this thread! I want more! You've just gotta love those old 1880's to 1920's brick industrial hulks! They are beautiful in their solid-looking architectural simplicity, with a plethora of multi-paned green or medium-grey painted window frames. Keep up the good work! I'm looking forward to seeing it mature and begin to serve its purpose!

BTW, is that a cast plaster foundation its sitting on?

bil about said it all. Very nice structure indeed!
Great buildings!
Very nice structures! I would have never guessed what their "origins" were...well done!
Nice job on detailing the brickwork Thumbsup
Fantastic! That's a great building! I think that strip of windows and inclined roof on the top of the smaller part of the structure really makes it interesting. Thumbsup
Thanks for the comments! Now I am inspired to finish the buildings and get the scene done. It is hard to find time to work on my layout; that's probably why I enjoy the time I do get to spend working on it. I'll post more pics as I complete the scene, which hopefully won't be too long......

Chuck, did you do anything in the mortar lines of the red brick building? I like the way it looks.

Usually my taste is to use some light gray or off-white for the mortar lines, but your building looks good.
Hey Gary, I didn't use anything for the mortar -- I tried a section using a mortar wash, but it really made the size of the bricks obvious, so opted not to use any. I used a spray primer for the base coat, touched a few bricks with some lighter and darker reds, gave it an India ink wash, and then used some chalk here and there to finish it off. I think it turned out pretty well. The gray building , on the other hand, didn't turn out like I thought it would. I am hoping that after an India ink wash and touch up with some chalks it will look better. It is hard to get concrete walls to look like the real thing. Experiment and practice time!

Nice work, Chuck! Both buildings have a massive, utilitarian look to them. Very modelgenic.

Are you going to put up a backdrop behind them? The wall is very distracting, especially with such fine modeling in front of it.

Someday I'll put in a back drop.... I haven't decided on what to use for one yet. It is another thing I have to look into -- any suggestions for backdrop materials?

If you are decent with wall mud you can make a good backdrop with harboard it takes some work to get it smooth. I have also seen sheet plastic used but I have heard some people have problems with the joints seperting over time.
It has been awhile since I have posted any progress on my layout -- so here is what this area looks like today.  Still a lot of details and finishing touches to add, like the overhead crane.  I have to shorten it to fit the area and add some weathering.  But this industry definitely looks better than the original post!


Hello Chuck,
Very impressive structures , beautiful craftsmanship!
I also like the display of the different elements in the scene, there's place for a lot of activity.

Great work!
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