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Actually I'm at the 20 Years of Netherlands in FREMO meeting in Zuidbroek. There are a total of five layouts on display. Narrow gauge Om/Oe, 1/32 scale, americaN, a combined layout of the three H0-USA Divisions and the largest layout is the H0-Europa layout. The meeting has a ground floor of 6000 square meters, the large H0 layout has a total length of 1000+ meters. I have to ask for the exact length.
The plan of the meeting you can find online.
A video of the Southwest Division part of H0-USA you find on youtube.
Thomas, Welcome !...and thank you for posting this ! The diagram of all those modules was staggering - what a phenomenal display this must have been...and what a wonderful dedicated effort by all the FREMO builders! I also, very much enjoyed the "train-ride"...loved the view, the sound (very loud in the tunnels - as it SHOULD be), and the speed changes for the trestle, bridge and street-running...most realistic. You are "Busted" however, on proper crossing warning procedure, though I didn't see any whistle boards, so your engineer was probably doing his best. FREMO/Free-Mo seems to have great potential. Hope you'll be around to spread the good word. Bob C. Welcome
That video was very neat. Thanks for posting it.
Unfortunately I've made a mistake once more: I've been there with my modules (total of 25 meters) and enjoyed driving trains in timetable or doing dispatching the timetables. So there was not much time left to make some foto's Wallbang

Last night I take time for a few shots between 12am and 2am, therefor the night itself was a little bit short, the timtable this morning startet at 9. Eek

Here are the pics:

Some vids and also some pics of a friend:

Btw, the large H0 layout had 1200+ meters.
Hallo together,

[Image: americaN_Zuidbroek2010_operation.JPG]

If anyone is interested in videos from the FREMO americaN layout, look at our channel: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.youtube.com/user/BRND1966">http://www.youtube.com/user/BRND1966</a><!-- m -->
Yes, Zuidbroek was great. Here's one overview:

[Image: 10-10-IMG_1266_250.jpg]
and here're more pictures.

That's one cool u-tube video. Thumbsup Thanks...
I live on the wrong continent :o Worship Worship
Wow! That's an amazing number of layouts and modules. Really some great work done there! Thumbsup
Tomas and berNd and Wolfgang...thank you all for all the wonderful pictures and videos ! This is an unbelievably huge "get-together"...so many modules (and people), so beautifully assembled. Congratulations on your industry and cooperative spirits and energy that made this possible. Worship Thanks for inviting us to visit, with your cameras and computers. Bob C.
I was there, too:

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="https://picasaweb.google.com/100131019959542491385/FREMOZuidbroekNiederlandeOktober2010?authkey=Gv1sRgCPbV3Z2vurCXHw#">https://picasaweb.google.com/1001310199 ... Z2vurCXHw#</a><!-- m -->
Hi All:
There is a link in the N-Z forum about this same Freemo gathering. The modular layouts are outstanding. I posted the following and hope to get some answers:

OK...I give up. I looked at the oveall layout. I am the village idiot...but how does someone align all the modules when they appear to have varying degrees of end pieces.
The are not all 90 degree square. At least they dont appear to be when the are laid out in slanting directions.
So Help me......how does one layout a Freemo plan....and how does one decide on the squarness or lack of squarness on their individual modules?
I am just an N-Trak guy that deals in 90 degrees angles.
From what I've seen Fremo doesn't require squareness. If a module changes the direction to cause the next module to run off at an angle, it will run off at an angle until the next module that redirects the layout. They may set up a point to point layout, or they may meander back to the starting module to make a circuit, but they are not bound by the need to have all 90* corners like N-trak. Basically they are given a space at a train show and how they choose to fill their allotted space is up to the Fremo club doing set up.
Hi Russ:
So they just show up at the show and start connecting modules.......and let them go where ever they might go???
Thats pretty wild but if it works....thats great....you just never know what kind of a layout you will end up with.....certainly variety is the spice of life or in this case.......the spice of modle railroading.
dwight77 Wrote:Hi Russ:
So they just show up at the show and start connecting modules.......and let them go where ever they might go???

Not at all. The layout is planned weeks ago with a CAD software. The plan, the timetables and such have to be issued before the layout is actually set up. At big shows/meetings every attendee is even given a timeframe to show up with his modules.
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