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Galen - Don't sweat it. I'm the one who lost the original manifest, and started this delay in the first place! Icon_lol :cry: Wallbang Wallbang Wallbang
ocalicreek Wrote:Well you know what, sometimes life gets in the way. And instead of just assuming - look what that's done - you should always ask. Maybe there's a darn good reason things don't work out the way we plan. I know, if I had sent it like I planned we wouldn't be in this spot. Oh well. I screwed up. I'm sorry. Happy now?

If it wasn't for everything going on "here" with family issues and work, I may have thought to confirm it with you, too.... Wallbang Wallbang So yes, I understand completely.
ocalicreek Wrote:Well you know what, sometimes life gets in the way. And instead of just assuming - look what that's done - you should always ask. Maybe there's a darn good reason things don't work out the way we plan. I know, if I had sent it like I planned we wouldn't be in this spot. Oh well. I screwed up. I'm sorry. Happy now?

Look, no one is blaming anyone, we can all feel your frustration, just take a minute, calm down and know that we are all frustrated. I've been sitting on the car for three month waiting for the replacement manifest to make its rounds. Yes, you can see that Kevin is upset with himself too for losing the original, but we've all gotten past that. And there's been other delays, some people were out of town working or on vacation and didn't see their mail until they got back, so all-in-all, your three week delay wasn't the whole thing. We were searching for the replacement and maybe there was a breakdown in communications somewhere we thought one thing, you didn't see our attempts to find the thing. No one is putting you up as the bad guy, the main thing is that we found it and we can move on.

Yeah, there are really a total of four manifests, the original, which is gone forever (sorry about that Kevin Wink ) and the second one which you have, Then there's the backup, (which didn't make the rounds past one person because right after it was sent out, the second one reappeared because someone else wasn't home for a few weeks) to that one since the second one was sitting at someone's mailbox until the got back and the fourth one, which was sent out a few days ago along with the car.

Just simmer down, we are sorry that you're personal issues distracted you, we've always said that our personal lives most certainly have priority over anything we do here. Remember, we are like family we have our own issues as well, so we do understand. Smile There's no need to be defensive, remember, this is a hobby after all, a diversion from those things that happen in our normal life. This tour is supposed to be a fun thing, the manifest was to be the icing on the cake, yet it's been a difficult thing for us trying to keep track of it. There's been delays all along the way.

Let's just put this behind us and just hope that there are no other delays so that we can get the manifest to catch up with the car soon.
Mikey I was just thinking there is no G (gigantic) car for you to run. I have an idea. Think back to when I had the N gauge car. I took it to the Gern facility on my layout and some flux was spilled in it. It grew to HO scale. If I ever get the HO car maybe the spill can be duplicated.
Well....After a couple of weeks delay (something to do with paperwork... Eek ) Ol' Blue finally made it to Texas, with its load of mesquite firewood...
Since it was somewhat behind schedule, it was quickly unloaded, and sent on its way to pick up goods needed by several clients of the LC&P...

Here it's leaving the yard at Santa Rosa on its way to load at Portales...
[Image: DSCF3127.jpg]

First stop....Portales...Loading goods and mining supplies at the local freight station bound for the El Diablo mine, and Sta. Rita freight..
[Image: DSCF3153.jpg]

With #811 on the point, Ol' Blue labors up the grade to the El Diablo mine..
[Image: DSCF3144.jpg]

Here it's spotted for unloading at the mine..
[Image: DSCF3146.jpg]

Wasting no time, it was picked up by an Extra out of Sta. Rosa and quickly delivered to the Sta. Rita freight station..
[Image: DSCF3150.jpg]

Once unloaded, freight was loaded for it's next destination. It'll be picked up by the next local, and sent on its way to Louisiana...
Thumbsup Big Grin :o Tongue
It is great to see it on the move again! Great pics!
Waveof7 Dancing
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"Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy" - Stimpy

The car has arrived here...if at all possible, I'd like to take it this Saturday to a local club who has graciously offered their layout for the photo op.
You guys are too kind.... Goldth
It was fun having it visit this corner of the MRR'ing world...

Bob...Good to hear it got to you OK...Look forward to its adventures in LA... Thumbsup
Hi All:
If you read my message under HO Tour Car Information, you know I was more than surprised when the car arrived and I found its contents was "gator nuggets". Here we are in San Bernadino, CA and we needed to get the gator nuggets to Denver.
[Image: HOScaleTourCar001.jpg]

Santa Fe 3503 was sent to pick up the car and head to the ice house.
[Image: HOScaleTourCar002.jpg]

Once at the ice house, it was determined that a better container was needed to keep the gator nuggets refrigerated so the guys built a sturdy box, lined it with foam, and then filled it with ice for it trip to Denver.
[Image: HOScaleTourCar003.jpg]

Once the car was iced it was moved to a holding track near the San Bernadino Depot to wait for the 4111 Cab Forward Freight to pick it up on its way to Denver.
[Image: HOScaleTourCar004.jpg]

#4111 arrived on time but surprised to find they had an additional pickup that would require an extra stop for more ice along the way.
[Image: HOScaleTourCar005.jpg]

#4111 moved out of the way, and #3503 moved the Tour Car in place.
[Image: HOScaleTourCar006.jpg]

#4111 moved back to pick up his complete consist and was ready to roll.
[Image: HOScaleTourCar007.jpg]

#4111 moving past the San Bernadino Depot (this is a scratch built model) on it way to Denver.
[Image: HOScaleTourCar008.jpg]
Continueing out of San Bernadino, rolling past the Cargill siding on our way to Cajon.
[Image: HOScaleTourCar009.jpg]

Approaching Cajon (all the buildings are scratch built).
[Image: HOScaleTourCar010.jpg]

Stoping in Cajon for any change in orders and getting ready to go through Sullivan's Curve.
[Image: HOScaleTourCar011.jpg]

After leaving Cajon #4111 pulls its cars up the famous Sullivan's Curve.
[Image: HOScaleTourCar012.jpg]

Approaching Summit, again all the structures are scratch built.
[Image: HOScaleTourCar013.jpg]

Stopped in Summit before heading to Victorville.
[Image: HOScaleTourCar014.jpg]

Approaching Victorville (much of this is still underconstruction)
[Image: HOScaleTourCar015.jpg]

Leaving Victorville and heading down our helix to the lower level where we will first arrive in Pueblo, Co, then go through Colorado Springs and Castle Rock before arriving in Denver.
[Image: HOScaleTourCar016.jpg]
Part way through our helix, we have viewing portals.
[Image: HOScaleTourCar017.jpg]

Exiting the helix.
[Image: HOScaleTourCar018.jpg]

Coming into Pueblo, CO. We will need to stop and beg for ice somewhere.
[Image: HOScaleTourCar019.jpg]

Stopped in front of the Pueblo Depot (another scratch built structure) the conductor goes begging for ice.
[Image: HOScaleTourCar020.jpg]

Fortunately they have extra ice at the Commissary and are willing to let us buy what we need. After #4111 moves away, Rio Grande #5336 comes to pick up the Tour Car for the short trip to the Commissary.
[Image: HOScaleTourCar021.jpg]

After doing a quick drop and run around, #5336 makes the short trip to the Commissary for the ice.
[Image: HOScaleTourCar022.jpg]

After the iceing, the Tour Car is returned and #4111 is back in place and ready to head to Colorado Springs.
[Image: HOScaleTourCar023.jpg]
#4111 and its special Tour Car move through the yard at Colorado Springs.
[Image: HOScaleTourCar024.jpg]

Next stop is the community of Castle Rock, CO.
[Image: HOScaleTourCar025.jpg]

The other end of Castle Rock. ( I should have taken pictures of the complete community ).
[Image: HOScaleTourCar026.jpg]

Out of Castle Rock, we cross under the "Cripple Creek" narrow gauge bridge.
[Image: HOScaleTourCar027.jpg]

Looking back at the "Cripple Creek" bridge.
[Image: HOScaleTourCar028.jpg]

We have arrived in Denver (still under considerable re-construction) and are able to deliver our special order of "gator nuggets". The big surprise though is that in order to get the gator nuggets from shaygetz, we found out that the Denver Specialty Food Purveyor had promised to deliver a special order of "Rocky Mountail Oysters" to RRManiac in Pennsylvania and they have to make it to San Bernadino to pickup the eastbound express. Fortunately, our make shift cooler is large enough and we load up the oysters and ice.
[Image: HOScaleTourCar029.jpg]
When we arrived back in Pueblo, the conductor goes begging again for ice. He tells them he owes them big time but he is sure they don't want him to lose his special order of oysters.
[Image: HOScaleTourCar030.jpg]

#4111 is again moved to allow #5336 to pickup the Tour Car with it's prized contents and head to the Commissary.
[Image: HOScaleTourCar031.jpg]

The Commissary guys were surprised to see the conductor back again, but were understanding.
[Image: HOScaleTourCar032.jpg]

Back behind #4111, they are ready to head to San Bernadino on the final leg of their trip.
[Image: HOScaleTourCar033.jpg]

Back in San Bernadino, BN #3148 heads to the ice house to get a full load of ice for the start of the trip to RRManiac in Pennsylvania.
[Image: HOScaleTourCar034.jpg]

After the re-iceing, BN#3148 moves the Tour Car and it's special contents to a holding track in front of the Depot to wait for the eastbound express to take the Tour Car to Pennsylvania. Enjoy the Rocky Mountain Oysters RRManic. Cheers
[Image: HOScaleTourCar035.jpg]
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