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I felt the same way about the neatly packed box the car came in. Your brother's layout looks like a terrific setting for BB&G car pics! Looking forward to more!
Oh, BOY! Now I'm intrigued! I was looking forward to the visit in the ether land of the LS&W (we'll figure out some sort of temporary backdrop thingie when the time comes) but now I'm equally interested in the packing box, as I was contemplating fabricating something in the way of protection for the box car.

I had recently bought two older brass diesels that I bought "fairly inexpensively" on EBay. Both arrived on my regular very nice and accomodating mail lady's day off. The clown who subs for her is a disgrace to the uniform! Both boxes arrived at my front door with a thump that I could hear from inside the house. When I went to the door, the box was standing on it's end and the mailtruck was already leaving the next house! On both occasions the diesels had their pilots folded back into the power trucks! With all that foam in their box, and the model box wrapped in sevearal layers of bubble wrap and still I had ...

[Image: SunsetModelsGP-7PostalDamage.jpg]

Curse Wallbang Wallbang Curse :evil:

I am waiting for a chance to see our "new" local Postmaster, but she's traumatized and can't come in to work. :?

It seems that an irate postal customer came in, requested to see the Postmaster and when she appeared, he "attacked" her. There has been no elaboration on what constituted an "attack," but she will be unavailable for work for a couple more months while she undergoes therapy.

I'm not making this up!

Well, I'm excited to see this Big Blue box and see how it protects this important model! 2285_ It looks like a very nice box! Thumbsup
I've had enough real work lately. Tonight, we railroad my way! Cheers

After a good dinner out with the family, we all congregated back over at Mom & Dad's to finish cleaning my brother Timmy's layout and we put all of the structures back. We had to reglue about 3 dozen trees and place some of the vehicles back in their places. Then, it was time for a second test run with my new Athearn Genesis F7 #913. Everything went according to plan and was running smoothly, so, WP SW-9 603 was fired up and ran light engine (for ITS first time since building) down to the interchange. What did it come back with?

[Image: BBGBoxcarTour2011Timmys00006.jpg]

Well, lookie here, a "special move". Waybill says it contains "LCL Freight" from Ocali Creek Railway in Washington State, destined for "Kennett Box & Crate" - Sandalwood, California on the California North Eastern Railroad. Must be either lumber or hardware to be used in wooden barrels or shipping crates at the new winery.

The road crew brings the power for their train out of the house and backs down "Two Rail" in the yard for a quick job briefing with the yard crew...

[Image: BBGBoxcarTour2011Timmys00014.jpg]

...and after the yard job clears up, ties their three units on to their train over on "one".

[Image: BBGBoxcarTour2011Timmys00016.jpg]

[Image: BBGBoxcarTour2011Timmys00018.jpg]

After an initial terminal air test and inspection by the Rockville Car Department, the rear end crew boards caboose WP 474, and prepares to depart Rockville yard.

Brakes released, and all three EMD 567 prime movers come alive on Extra WP 913 East.

[Image: BBGBoxcarTour2011Timmys00019.jpg]

Good looking car!

[Image: BBGBoxcarTour2011Timmys00021.jpg]

Curving onto the main line, 913 East crosses Sorenson Way with our car tucked in behind the rear unit, GP7 WP 706.

[Image: BBGBoxcarTour2011Timmys00022.jpg]

913 East crosses Battleview Road as the flagman protects traffic, which today is just the local town cop, Otis. Otis doesn't mind the wait, he's on his way back from the doughnut shop, and has a little pink box of goodies in the passenger seat to keep him happy. Take your time train!

[Image: BBGBoxcarTour2011Timmys00062.jpg]

[Image: BBGBoxcarTour2011Timmys00063.jpg]

913 East rounds the curve heading toward the bridges at Swain...

[Image: BBGBoxcarTour2011Timmys00055.jpg]

[Image: BBGBoxcarTour2011Timmys00057.jpg]

And eases on to the 1st bridge...

[Image: BBGBoxcarTour2011Timmys00049.jpg]

As our brightly colored car obediently follows along...

[Image: BBGBoxcarTour2011Timmys00051.jpg]

A special move required our best caboose, WP Bicentennial Caboose 474:

[Image: BBGBoxcarTour2011Timmys00050.jpg]

[Image: BBGBoxcarTour2011Timmys00039.jpg]

[Image: BBGBoxcarTour2011Timmys00040.jpg]

Coming out of Tunnel 2 and over the highway:

[Image: BBGBoxcarTour2011Timmys00064.jpg]

[Image: BBGBoxcarTour2011Timmys00076.jpg]

[Image: BBGBoxcarTour2011Timmys00078.jpg]

[Image: BBGBoxcarTour2011Timmys00065.jpg]

[Image: BBGBoxcarTour2011Timmys00075.jpg]

...and through Pagosa Junction as the dynamic brakes howl on the downgrade...

[Image: BBGBoxcarTour2011Timmys00047.jpg]

You never know what you'll meet on a CNE Siding....
(This is at West Pagosa)

[Image: BBGBoxcarTour2011Timmys00056.jpg]

And the caboose of Extra WP 913 East rolls on towards the Valley Division of the California North Eastern Railroad for final spot of BB&G 100119 at Kennett Box & Crate in Sandalwood.

[Image: BBGBoxcarTour2011Timmys00048.jpg]


Many thanks to my brother Timmy, who was a gracious host for our cars travels in Northern California (ok, it took a couple of beers to convince him to move Dad's '55 Chevy out of the garage, all of the G and O Gauge train sets out from under the layout, and to get the Rubbermaid tubs full of buildings and vehicles out for this photo shoot). It's been several years since we were able to even run his layout, and next thing I know, I hear Dad giving Timmy car counts over in the yard as the retired railroader went back to work in the yard, if only for a few minutes, playing switchman and Mechanical Department Derailment crew, his old job. (we had a train go on the ground after we yarded 913 East). Timmy's layout is in my opinion, very nice, and it was a shame to see it sit idle and dusty for so many years, but my parents had way too much stuff stored under and around it in their garage for Tim to even be able to get to it. Timmy has a nice collection of trains himself too. But a couple of months ago, we finally remedied that with a new 10' x 12' storage shed in the back yard and now when I come over, we can run trains, drink beer, and Timmy is a happy camper. Here's a photo of him doing MOW work at the highway crossing:

[Image: TimmyatWork.jpg]

A good time was had by both of us and this was just the kick in the butt I needed to get mine cleaned up and ready, so, work and railroad museum duties permitting, I am shooting for Thursday to get some photos on the "Valley Division" of the CNE and of the car being delivered, and re spotted at the new "Sandalwood Cellars" winery. If I can't get to it by Friday, I'll pack the car up and send it on to "Nachoman" in Arizona, the car's next stop.
Great Stuff!! Glad you got the layout running again!! Glad you guys are having fun with it!! Pics and story are tops!! Big Grin Big Grin Thumbsup Thumbsup

No wonder Timmy is a happy camper with a running layout like that.
Isnt he a bit old to be called Timmy?
Unless of course its said in jest, in a South Park wheelchair kids voice; TIMMAY. Icon_lol
Just stirring.

Great Layout plenty of motive power for the LPB foamers to drool over.

Is that a time portal I see the train coming out from in the photo taken at 20:59?

Mr Fixit Wrote:Tom,
Is that a time portal I see the train coming out from in the photo taken at 20:59?

I noticed that also and was concerned that it might have been the little green men from ezdays layout in the N gauge tour.
Timothy is the youngest of the 4 of us kids, so we have always called him Timmy. He still lives at home with Mom and Dad and with Mom and Dad working for Amtrak (Dad has since retired recently), he takes care of the house and mom's two little mutts. She still calls him Timmy too. I call him "TIMMAAAAY" on account of the character from "Southpark". He's as involved with the WP RR Museum in Portola as I am, and up there we all have nicknames, just like the old WP, and that's what they call him too. We're ALL big Southpark fans up there. The "time portal" (I never thought of that, but now that you mention it, it does look like one) is Mom's washing machine or dryer, one of the two. Since the new machines are front loaders, and to conserve space in the garage for the layout, she had the delivery guy stack them. Apparently you can do that with those particular machines. There is usually a backdrop at that end of the layout, we had just forgot to screw it back on to the facia. We are considering putting a backdrop on the wall of the garage behind the layout too, but for right now, we're just happy it's running again, so in due time I guess. And for now, he has a few railroad signs hanging there.
Great photos! That is a nice looking layout. Any chance of a photo tour? I know I would like to see more of it.

You guys are really uping the ante with these photos and the stories that accompany them. I've really got to get myself moving so that I'm ready for the BB car when it finally reaches my door step. :oops:
Chuck Wrote:Great photos! That is a nice looking layout. Any chance of a photo tour? I know I would like to see more of it.


Sure. Here's a link to the photobucket account with 13o or so (give or take a half dozen) fo-toes of the layout that I took last night. I am still learning my new camera, so some of them look like crap, but I tried to get as much of the layout in there as possible.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://s79.photobucket.com/albums/j137/wprm/Timmys%20Layout%20Work%20party%20April%2026%202011/?albumview=slideshow">http://s79.photobucket.com/albums/j137/ ... =slideshow</a><!-- m -->
Terrific pics Tom! Thumbsup

Geez, that is one very sweet layout. And that time portal may come in handy in order to get the car back to 1917 Smile

BTW, hopefully this event was the inspiration to keep the layout clean enough to run on a regular basis Goldth
nachoman Wrote:Geez, that is one very sweet layout. And that time portal may come in handy in order to get the car back to 1917 Smile

BTW, hopefully this event was the inspiration to keep the layout clean enough to run on a regular basis Goldth

It was. THe layout was enjoyed for several years by Timmy and my nieces and nephew, but like I said, when my parents moved into this house 7 years ago, the excess stuff had to get stored somewhere. And not all of it is theirs, I don't want to make it sound like my parents are hoarders or something, because they're not. In fact, a LOT of it is Timmy's and theirs holiday decorations. At Christmas time, my sisters and I refer to him as "Clark Griswold" because you ought to see their house during the holidays. Christmas and Halloween are BIG for him. He's really popular with the neighborhood kids because he turns the yard into a big haunted house for Halloween and a winter wonderland for Christmas and does a great job winning many local awards over the years. Just really neat, elaborate setups. But the rest of the year, that stuff has to get stored somewhere too. That's why when we built the shed in the back yard, Dad decided on one with a 12' gabled roof, so we could put a large loft up there to store the holiday decorations. So I fully expect him to enjoy the layout for many, many years to come with our nieces and nephews.
Tom Wrote:Whoever built the car and the box, you have SKILLS! My girlfriend and I are still marveling at this box design.

Tom, The car is a repainted Athearn Blue ( a coincidence ??? ) Box kit. The "box" is the result of combining a Band Saw, and a cardboard box, and a little foam packing.
I am the "next to last" person to get the car, and I wanted it to return here in well traveled ,
but good condition.
The "box" will see one more use after it arrives back here......it will take the car to the winner of the auction. 2285_ 2285_
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