Full Version: Selling Some Things- How Much Should I Ask?
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Hello Everyone,

Not sure if this is the right place to ask but I have some MR items I'm going to sell and I'm not sure what a reasonable price to ask for them would be so I'm looking for some input. The things I'm selling are:

1) Digitrax Zephyr DCC System
2) Digitrax UT4 Utility Throttle
3) Digitrax UR90 Infrared Reciever
4) Digitrax DN163A0 Decoder
5) Athearn HO Scale Canadian National GP40-2

All of these were purchased in the past year or two. Some of the packaging was opened but none of it was used (other than a few test runs with the GP40). Any help is appreciated.
Since those items are readily available new, seems you would have to go somewhat lower than that, especially if you are going to add shipping costs. I mean, I can go over the LHS and get this stuff, probably at 10% below MSRP. Even if they had to order it, it would be free shipping.
That's what I figured. I bought them from MB Klein, which seems to usually have the lowest prices, so I'll put my prices a bit lower than theirs.

Also, this will be the first time I've ever sold anything online, and I'm not sure how I would handle payments. Would I use something like paypal? Keep in mind I'm 17, and I plan on listing the items in the swap meet section of the forum.
Paypal may be the best way to sell, but don't be afraid of personal checks. Just let anyone know in advance that the items won't be shipped until a check clears your bank if a personal check is used..
Not meaning to snub the forum....But you will reach a MUCH greater market if you list them on e-Bay...Be aware they'll charge listing + seller's fees, so put that into your price... Goldth Also note that shipping costs will be payed by the buyer and determined at time of sale.
Thanks for the tips.

I know I can reach a bigger market with ebay, but I was planning on listing them on the forum first since it's free. I'd like to keep the price of selling them as low as possible because whatever I make will be my hobby budget until christmas and I still need to build up a small fleet of rolling stock before I can begin some operations. Eek
What do you want for the UT4? And what part of Ontario is the item located?
Trains Winnipeg Wrote:What do you want for the UT4? And what part of Ontario is the item located?

Actually, I already had an inquiry on the DCC stuff. I'll let you know if I don't end up selling it, though.

Oh, and I'm near Sudbury.