Full Version: Kurt's buildings
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I found homes for two of Kurt's buildings from his Miami layout. The first is on a spur coming out of Middle Yard:

[Image: image.php?album_id=191&image_id=3798]

The second is further to the left around the corner. I love this building, all the roof lines, it really has character. What a looker, and I am very proud to be able to display it on my layout. The angle of the cutoff back doesn't quite fit the angle of backdrop, but that turned out good. With part of the building sitting out from the backdrop, and with the varied rooflines, it gives a really nice illusion of space, like the sky is really "way back there". I'm as pleased as punch with this. Thumbsup

Kurt, again, many many thanks, and when I have visitors, I enjoy discussing the origin of the buildings and that they traveled clear across the atlantic to get here. Matter of fact, I had a visitor tonight, and got the chance to speak of the buildings. Good stuff. Smile

[Image: image.php?album_id=191&image_id=3799]
WOW! Great job on those buildings Gary! Er...I mean Kurt! Er... I mean... I'm so confused... :?
Hey Tetters!

The buildings definitely add to the ambiance of room. When I see the buildings, I can't help but smile and give a nod of appreciation.
Buildings of that high quality, couldn't have found a better environment to be in, unless it was their original one. Thumbsup Thumbsup
Cheers ... Cheers

Couldn'ta said it better myself....Transplanted from one fabulous layout to another... Thumbsup
Thanks Gus and S-two-fiddy. While I don't consider my layout to be "fantastic" at the moment, I am hoping it will be that someday.
Another great example why this is THE BEST FORUM ON THE NET!!!!!

Two great modelers can combine their efforts to create an outstanding scene!!!!