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While being a member of Big Blue I am also a member of The Anthracite Railroad Historical society <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.anthraciterailroads.org/">http://www.anthraciterailroads.org/</a><!-- m -->
I joined them about a year ago and I have to say that They have a very warm welcoming atmosphere, similar to the folks here at The Gauge. we meet here [Image: 20110513192752.jpg]

[Image: 20110513192518.jpg] At the former Philadelphia and Reading station in Quaker town PA. It's a beautifully restored building with a hobby shop right next door. [Image: 20110513192607.jpg] Too bad that I have never been there during business hours Nope .
Parked behind the station is some equipment, including this RS-1 [Image: 20110513192334.jpg]

[Image: 20110513192300.jpg] and the Tracks are still in use so the rolling stock changes regularly.[Image: 20110513192132.jpg]

This summer the ARHS will hold it's convention at Steam town in Scranton PA. ,and will also be there this Sunday to continue the restoration of our F-3 A-B-A set. I can't mare it there this Sunday but will be there in the feature to lend a hand with the work (I'll get plenty of Pics for you).

That's a beautiful building! Thumbsup