Full Version: CB&Q Operating Session
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Had the opportunity to attend an operating session last night on Mike Spoor's CB&Q layout. It is a prototypical layout based on the Chicago and Aurora divisions in 1954. Mike runs the same train schedule that was actually run back then, about 50 trains. There were about 14 people there, 7 as engineers and the other seven handling dispatching, yard duty, towers, and such. I was one of the engineers, and ran several suburban passenger trains known as "dinkies", a couple of through freights, and an extra local freight that set out and picked up a few cars. Lots of fun! Big Grin

Here is Mike's website: http://www.chicagoandauroradivisions.com/index.html

He actually took a two-story townhome and added a third story for the layout!


Staging - represents Chicago, Savannah, Galesburg, which enter the layout at various locations.
[Image: image.php?album_id=191&image_id=3940]

Union Tower, with Jordan at the controls:
[Image: image.php?album_id=191&image_id=3941]

Kedzie Avenue industrial district and Highlands Station
[Image: image.php?album_id=191&image_id=3942]

On the way to Eola Yard, showing the excellent backdrop. (didn't get any photos of the yard, but it was packed with freight cars going in and out all night)
[Image: image.php?album_id=191&image_id=3943]

On the right is Aurora junction where the dinkies turn around. That is Al controlling all the turn-outs. On the left is Rochelle.
[Image: image.php?album_id=191&image_id=3944]

Rock River Bridge
[Image: image.php?album_id=191&image_id=3945]

To Savannah (staging)
[Image: image.php?album_id=191&image_id=3946]
What a beautifully done layout! Looks like it would be great to operate! Thumbsup