Full Version: Bad train wreck & clean up
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This was one of the worst wrecks in RR history.

[Image: July11.jpg]

From the look on this face you know it was bad.(on the passenger car)

[Image: July11005.jpg]

Had to get out the BIG hook for this one.

[Image: July11007.jpg]

The good news is no one was killed or even hurt in this tragedy.
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How old is the boy..?? He's well on his way to a MRR'ing career.... Thumbsup
Look's like some one was "Short Flagging" and didn't get in the clear of the Casey's train!

Do agree that the young man in the photos is headed for a model railroading career.
Lester---luckily the little guy wasn't operating one of your Alleghenies Eek
Gotta love it! Thumbsup

I was expecting some prototype derailment photos, when the thread opened, a huge smile went across my face! Big Grin
He is my 6 year old grandson. He has his own train of about 10 Athearn & Roundhouse cars that he put together. He has to borrow power from the C&O to run. I posted some photos of him painting a 40' boxcar a while back. It is an original paint job to say the least.
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Thanks for sharing..
Les thanks for sharing the photos. I too was expecting a photo or two of a real train wreck and I had a good laugh when I saw it was a Thomas set.

On the subject of Thomas have you ever noticed when watching the DVDs or on TV just how dangerous a railway they run on the island of Sodor?

Damn derailments, runaway cars and locos, cranes dropping loads, locos running off piers, trains running away and brakes failing. I say it warrants further investigation.

I also let my six year old son play with my HO stuff and so far we have only broken one coupler and a brake wheel.

Now that you mention it Sir Toppem hat does have a bad safety record. HMMMMMMMM

I must say that DCC has one great advantage with kids, programing top speed.
Is there any other speed in this digital world other than top speed? 35

Besides kids know no other speed.

You know how things work now that everything is digital, its either all or nothing, and that goes for the TV, the set top box [especially] or the mobile. They promise us better this and that over analogue, well how about starting with the basics like making it work first. 2285_ Sorry its my problem and I'll work on it, Popcornbeer maybe.

I think a full and proper investigation into the workings of the railways on the Island of Sodor is justified.

Well who would do the investigating? I don't know whose jurisdiction it would be under. I doubt if they have a modelers license. Maybe there is a N.T.S.B. on Sodor, I just don't know.
Mr Fixit's comment about kids and top speed reminded me of the most asked question, when we would have grade schoolers visit our club layout at the local museum. " How do you make them crash"?
train The spirit of Gomez Adams is alive and well Icon_lol

I always wanted to see the Adams Family episode[s] where Gomez crashed his trains, but maybe it was just the memory of the crash that was better than the real episode. Anyone know which episode it happened in?

By the way were they Lionel trains?

As for jurisdiction of the Island of Sodor, I would say it would come under the British Ministry of Transport, Transport Accidents Investigations Department. And a headache for Jim Hacker if he had become "Transport Supremeo"in one episode of Yes Minister.

Mr Fixit Wrote:By the way were they Lionel trains?Mark

I read somewhere that they were copies of Lionel trains made of aluminum foil so that they crashed better. I never saw the show; it was during my TV-less university period.
Of course the very size and heft of Lionel with or without aluminium stand-ins, combined with a special effects 'explosion' [photographers flash powder?] and over the top sound effects made for great TV.

The first Adams Family movie did a great job of sending up the train wreck scene, with the house shaking as Angelica Houston and the kids describe where the train is on the layout.

An Adams family layout would make for a very popular layout at a train show especially with train crashes every half hour or so.

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