Full Version: Making styrene look like wood
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The following tutorial was submitted by "Drew1125" on 5-3-03, and is being recreated here to bring back some historical records to the New Academy:
I've been working on some structures for the layout, & needed something to represent wooden doors...
I use this same technique to make loading platforms, porches, & walls...anything that needs to look like planking.
This piece will be cut into 2 N scale doors, so my apologies for it being a bit small...I must also apologize for a couple of the photos being a bit blurred
The 1st photo shows the piece of plain white styrene I started with...


First I take a razor saw, & saw parrallel grooves in the piece, roughly 6-12 scale inches apart..


Next, I drag the teeth of the saw blade sideways to form a "grain" in the "planks"


Next, I take the point of a hobby knife, & just randomly scribe some of the grooves a little deeper...


Now I paint with flat black spray paint...


After the spray paint drues, I dry-brush with Polly Scale Dirt, Mud, Earth, & Aged White, then I give it a wash of India Ink & alcohol...

And the result (hopefully) looks like some weathered planking...


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