Full Version: Just another water tower
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This is a reconstruction of a thread by jimmybeersa back in Sept. 12, 2003. Jimmy is no longer with us, but we would hate to not have this tutorial not in our Academy. Several replies and comments were not included in the thread, but all significant posts are still intact.
My layout needed a water tower at Vincents Landing, so I looked at a few that have been built recently, Masonjar's and Belg have both built real nice ones.As we have no proto types here in SA that I could base it on I surfed the Links and found onethat was to my liking.I decided to copy (with his permission ) the Water tower that Casey Feedwater has on his layout
A tank on a stone plinth with a shed . Not being a fine scale modeler here is my project, Photo's were taken as it progressed so in the manner that Matthro uses to show his many fine projects here it is.
Made the tank by glueing timber round a spraycan cap,after fist wrapping it with masking tape, acardboard box was made for the plinth


Stone Mason at work


Tank mounted on the plinth,note white glue run in to make the morter, disc cut for the roof and therafters being glued in tanks height was reduced to suit layout


Roof being shingled


Jimmy B
"Helengon and Backcreek Railroad "
Nara member #80
Shed construction ...note rafter jig and cereal box


Shed erected andshingled,water spout as per tip from Masonjar for using apaint brush handle


Last one This is where it will be placed on the layout


. the rock chips are from a load of agregate that Stuart is useing to make concrete foundations, the rock is crushed waste rock from the mines
Jimmy B
"Helengon and Backcreek Railroad "
Nara member #80