Full Version: Nantahala Midland V 3.0
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Good looking bridge ...did you make the piers ? I like .

Thanks T, the piers/abutments are commercial castings that I just painted. I'm thinking maybe Chooch or WS, been so long I'm not sure who's they are. 35
More terra forming
Looking good Mike .Thumbsup On the subject of creeks I am going to keep working on the N scale this week and start on Tyson's creek in Z next week. :mrgreen:
Thanks Catt
More terra-forming
I thought I pretty much had this area finished but as usual the camera pinted out a few thinga still needing to be fixed/taken care of. 35 Icon_lol
I love it Thumbsup
Thanks Reinhard.
I dunno , looks good to me Mike . Hey that would be a great " parking spot " under the bridge 357

Just a thought: There should be a large sign, just upstream from the bridge, that states:

You are approaching the edge of the world !
There is no returning from the abyss
beyond this point !!

357 357 357
T that road is ol' man Rayles driveway, if someone is going to "park" there they better be willing to share! Icon_lol
Pete if you print that sign out in N scale and get it to me I will post it! Cheers Icon_lol
Great bridge scene! I like it a lot! Thumbsup
The sign would be funny. Smile
Sign on " old man Rayles " front door :

We shoot every third salesman ....the second one just left
Thanks Ralph! In scale the sign would be unreadable I'm afraid. Icon_lol

T in real life I only shoot the salesmen the dogs don't eat! Icon_lol