Full Version: Nantahala Midland V 3.0
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we have minus 3 degrees celsius... getting colder the next days.
Remember that my workshop is in the barn and it's unheated. I've just a propan oven and it's not the best way to get it warm.

Bye, Gerd
Enjoy, it should be minus -10 celsius or so here this weekend.
Decided to try and add a pond to the cow pasture. In the second pic with the grass and the cows nothing is fixed down yet. I will green the grass up a bunch also. The water was made with three pours of WS's Realisitic Water.
Looks good, Thumbsup Thumbsup but I hope you're going to put up a fence to keep the trains out of the pasture. Wink Misngth

Thanks Wayne! Yes in time there will be a fence but a lot to do before I get to that point.
Wayne,what Mike isn't saying is he is using invisable fence to keep the cows off the track.If you look really close you can see the electronic collars on the cows. Eek :mrgreen:
Maybe it's a shadow , or is one cow doing the backstroke in the pond ? 357 357

Catt if I was modeling more modern times I would have to figure out how to make N scale electric fencing! Eek

T it must be a shadow as there is no cow swimming or otherwise in the pond. Icon_lol
Center , front , ....now she's doin' the breast stroke ! Misngth
T ya gotta quit drinking your lunch man, there ain't no cow in the pond !
Icon_lol Icon_lol Icon_lol
Tyson Rayles Wrote:T ya gotta quit drinking your lunch man, there ain't no cow in the pond !
Icon_lol Icon_lol Icon_lol

Well, yeah, she's just wading in the deep end right now. Icon_lol 357 Icon_lol 357

Judging from the people gathering around watching and the lack of a fence in the picture I'm guessing that the steer is not where he's supposed to be! Icon_lol Can't be mine though as I only have dairy cows, no beef steers. And if I had any steers they would be in the freezer right now! Icon_lol
Ach, noo laddie. That's wee Nessie, the Loch Ness Moo-nster. Misngth

Works for me ! Icon_lol