Full Version: Nantahala Midland V 3.0
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Wallbang Eek
Tyson Rayles Wrote:Phase two is done, for now anyway Icon_lol ! The first pic is of the overall layout then the overall of phase two and finally the right side of phase two looking towards the main layout ( if you can call 6 foot by 28 inches a main layout Eek ) .

Whatever the size, or what you call it, with scenery like that, it's A#1 in my book....

Great stuff..!! Thumbsup
Tyson Rayles Wrote:Wow! It's been 5 weeks since In hit a lick on my layout. If I wait a few more weeks my entire layout can quailify as an orphan challenge ! Icon_lol

It does, just that you'd have to finish it all off by the end of the challenge. Icon_lol 357 Icon_lol 357 Icon_lol 357
Thanks Gus, much appreciated! Don there isn't a chance! Icon_lol
Tyson Rayles Wrote:Thanks Gus, much appreciated! Don there isn't a chance! Icon_lol

Yeah, I'm aware. It's been probably seven years since I started my addition, and at the rate I'm going, it'll probably be seven more before it's even close to being finished.
O.K., it's only taken 5 months but I'm finally getting around to phase 3.
A little more progress. The freight train in the far right corner is where the two track staging yard will be. This will leave me about 5 feet to do a river crossing. As you can see I'm already working on the " Great Plywood River" area. Nope
The trackwork and wiring is done although the track isn't fastened down so I can remove the bridge to finish the river. The trains are sitting in the future staging yard. Next will be the landforms.
2285_ 2285_ We're "Big Blue", not "General Electric" Eek Eek 357

"Progress" isn't, and shouldn't be "Our most important product" !

Icon_twisted Our most important product, is Just all the little details that add up to it Icon_twisted 357 357
Lookin' good Mike.I'm having so much fun with my show layout project I may just trash the big layout for a much smaller one (about twice the size of the show layout). Eek
Pete I can over do lack of progress from time to time. Thanks Catt, bigger wasn't better for me.
I set the backdrop boards on to see out the scenicked area frames out. The other pic is the 2 track staging yard and fiddle yard. I finished cleaning out the riverbed (reclaimed wood Eek ) and can start on the landsforms next.
progress is as progress does. Good to see you back at it Mike.
Cheers That bridge scene is going to be terrific! Thumbsup
Thanks guys, Ralph I hope so.