Full Version: Nantahala Midland V 3.0
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That bridge scene is cool! Thumbsup
Wow, I haven't looked at this thread in awhile - I'm browsing back a few pages and I am amazed by your work!!! Worship
Thanks guys!
Just a couple of shots of action at the junction:
I like the way that your railroad and the scenery through which it runs have become almost a single entity. Everything looks like it "belongs". Very nice work, Mike. Thumbsup Thumbsup

Thanks Wayne, much appreciated!
This IS still N scale, right?
It does look THAT good Thumbsup Thumbsup
Looks great Mike Thumbsup


Very good looking scenery! Nice to see your "green" railroad!
Thanks guys and yes Pete it still is N scale! Goldth
I really find it hard to say anything more than the others already have.... it looks that good... really. 2285_ 2285_
Thanks Don!
Mike, I am sure this has already been mentioned but alas I'm on my lunch break and don't have the time to go through 50 pages of the thread (though it WOULD be inspirational!) - how did you make your backscenes?

I'm working on my exhibition layout and want to get something similar to what you've done - photo-realistic if that is at all possible.
Daniel I'm sorry but that's classified information. Nope Nope Nope You have to be a member here for at least 5 years before we can give you that info. Popcornbeer

Just kidding of course! Misngth They are photos from a company called "Realistic Backgrounds for Model Railroads". I don't have their web address but you can google it. The phone number is 412-471-4811 and ask for Greg as he is the one that handles that part of this company (they do lots of other things as well). The mountain scenes and the cloud scenes are the only ones that are suitable for N scale, the rest scale out to HO or even O scale. My problem with them is they are only 3 feet long and while each one lines up with the next one you still have the seams. I have 20 feet of backdrop so that's a lot of seams. I will replace them with one 20 footer or two 10 footers at some point. They will probably have to be custom made and that costs $$$$ I'm not willing to spend right now. If you don't mind the seams they do look nice and the last time I bought some (about a year ago) they were reasonable in price at $10.95 each. I am in no way connected with the company other then being a satisifed customer.
Well we had the first operating session on the NM today. It went pretty well overall Eek . The layout behaved itself but there were some human errors 790_smiley_picking_a_fight ! Mainly forgetting to throw a turnout or switch. The rear coupler on the NM caboose decided it didn't want to behave so the boose was booted to the RIP track. There was 3 derailments both at low speed in the yard so nobody was injured or killed Icon_lol ! Overall we (there was 3 of us) were very happy and everybody is looking forward to the next session! I have run the layout myself of course but it was nice to see other people driving the trains around while I played dispatcher/station agent which left me time to railfan. Thumbsup