Full Version: Nantahala Midland V 3.0
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Catt Wrote:When I drilled through the wall for a branch line that ended up not happening (yet) I( burned up two very expencive hole saws cutting through what is esentually hardwood tongue and grove flooring used to divide the basement into two seperate rooms.This was originally to expand the original N scale layout but now justmay get used to expand the HO switching layout I have planned. Applause

FYI - next time: hole saw x 2 or 3 and trim the edges. Hole saws go through hardwood doors and other tough materials.

I'd post a pic of one, but this forum does not allow for easy image posting.
The fishing poles are for 219 in the Valley river which will be on the right side of the scene as the train emerges from the other room. The biggest problem is I'm in the diesel era so no backhead to cook em' on! Icon_lol
Just some more progess shots. Not the best quality but hopefully it will give you an idea on how it fits in with the rest of the layout.
That's going to be great when it's finished Mike.

Thanks Andy
The first train finally crosses the Valley river and pulls into the Murphy depot only 10 years and a month after I started! Crazy Nope Eek
The Valley river being a very small river it needed a small bridge. The first pic shows how much was removed and the second pic the finished bridge.
Your right Mike, that is a small bridge. I will have to be building one like it except it will be a highway bridge, and it might be a little bigger.

I was admiring that little bridge ...whole scene looks good .
Thanks T ! Andy I was thinking about using the leftover part on a highway bridge myself.
Next on the list for Murphy is Murphy Oil. I used a Rix kit for the main building. The only thing I did different from building it stock from the kit was to add a concrete slab made from sheet stock to set the building on.
Mike ,I have built the ho scale kit, they make a pretty nice building.

I'm really liking the new extension...and the Quonset Hut is a nifty little model! Thumbsup
Andy I know the hut really doesn't have much eye appeal but hopefully by the time I add storage tanks load/unload stations and a warehouse it will look O.K.
Thanks Ralph!
Awesome. The trees are fantastic.

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