Full Version: Nantahala Midland V 3.0
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Hmmmmmmmmm, that bad? Eek
Not at all! Looking good Thumbsup


Tyson Rayles Wrote:Hmmmmmmmmm, that bad? Eek
Are you going to teach me a complete new meaning of the verb "bad"? Aren't you? I will be glad to do "bad" sceneries too 357
It's like sex - even the "bad" part is pretty good. 8-)
Thanks guys! I took a break from scenery building to lose the wood paneling that was visible above the sky backdrop. It had been bugging me so I got some black posterboard and put behind the "sky" to help keep the shadow box effect.
Hope you don't mind if I am a bit jealous.I can't even go down to my trainroom let alone work on my layouts. By the way I like the shadowbox effect. Thumbsup Thumbsup

So what's next?
Catt I hope you are feeling better, we haven't heard much from you lately. As far as what's next there is no scenery except for the right hand side of the river. 90% of this section is a bunch of buildings sitting on blue foam! Eek
Two heart attacks,brain surgery (for blood on the brain) and my very own defibrillator and 4 weeks in rehab. I am getting back in shape a little at a time.

The biggest problem I have now is I can't go down to the train room for at least four more weeks. Sad
I'm glad you are on the mend Catt! Cheers I have arthritis pretty bad in my knees so it's why I'll never live in a multi-story dwelling again. Nope
I'm declaring victory on the wilderness section of this part of the layout and will move on to the Murphy yard area.
That looks great, Mike, and as I've said before, you've done a really nice job of using that backdrop as a seamless extension of the layout. Thumbsup Applause Thumbsup Applause

Tyson, your layout is really beautiful. It is the perfect place to be in peace in the nature.
Thanks folks!
Just wanted you to know that I am still jealous that you can work on YOUR layout but I can not work on MINE.(just kidding about the jealous part--- I think ) It is lookling good though.Anymore expansion plans?

I have been buying things for both the N and Z layouts plus for the future HO switching layout.I am putting together plans for OCS trains in all three scales.The cars I plan to use are all available in N and HO and I have a friend here in Michigan who going to design the needed cars in Z scale and I will have Shapeways print them.

For you and the Nantahala Midland- Thumbsup Thumbsup
"Anymore expansion plans?"

No Catt, just need to finish the Murphy area. There is still a lot of other stuff that needs doing though like valances around the layout in the main room for example. I can't imagine how you can work in 3 scales at the same time and still keep your sanity Eek Eek Eek . What are OCS trains?