Full Version: Nantahala Midland V 3.0
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My local ACE hardware carried it so I'll be trying it also Charlie. I think it is basically a clear acrylic paint instead of a wax.
Well I tried it Charlie and it's not the same. I'll have to find something else. Curse On a brighter note I have finished Murphy Oil. The first picture was before I started of course. Goldth
Wow Mike that is great.
The best water I ever had I got from a Bell Telephone Co. Dumpster. It was a 2 part epoxy that came in a bag that you pulled the center separation and the 2 parts were mixable by squeezing back and forth. beautiful green and clear too. They used it for sealing some connections and sometimes they would throw away a good packet. I'll bet it wasn't cheap.
My good friend Charlie's got it right: that certainly is a good looking scene! Applause Thumbsup Applause Thumbsup Applause

Thanks guys!
Hmmmm, been 6 months. I need to get back on this. I have started bowling and golfing again but I should be able to still do this as well. I need to turn off the TV at night and get back to work on the railroad! Icon_lol
You suffer from retirement stress. Might be a light office job from 8 to 5 would create the free time you need for your hobbies? ..... 357 357
Nice scene !!!! & detail !!!!!! I went back to look at setting of the RR late 60's ??? The trucks look great Thumbsup But they didn't have excavators back then look for a small dozer !! just trying to help you can do anything you want !!!!!!! looks great!!!!!!!! Thumbsup
Reinhard you are probably right. When I retired 16 years ago my time management skills went up in smoke! Icon_lol

kamerad47 if that is the only thing I don't right I'm wayyyyy ahead of the game. If I can find a dozer or something I will replace it. It's not glued down, just sitting on the bed. Hard to believe they didn't have backhoes back then, seems like they have been around forever (although all the old ones I see are yellow not green).
Please see next post
Well this is the area to the left of Murphy Oil and the second pic is where In think I'm going with it.
My first project will be the little white building. I was able to find the windows, doors and other stuff in my spare parts stash, now I need some sunny weather so I can do some spray painting.  Icon_cool
if golfing has got in the way of model railroading - why not landscape a golf course onto the layout - best of both word`s 
the layouts looking great .
No room, it's a shelf style layout and only averages 12" wide.
O.K. the first pic shows the old yard. Note the four tracks on the far left are kinda spread out and there is no separation between the pulpwood track far left and the yards tracks  making scenery difficult. Also with the switch in the orange box that far back one track or the other fouls the switch when operating. The second pic shows the new arrangement.