Full Version: Nantahala Midland V 3.0
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Glad you're back posting on this thread, it's been a while and your pics are always welcome and a joy to see. You set the bar high... Worship
Thanks Don! I got the track glued down and wired. The cars are back in the yard and ready for a test op session. It's been a long winter and the sun has finally come out and the temps are starting to hit 60 so time to get outside and hit the golf course. Next rainy day I will do a test op and see how it goes.
I was watching a Luke Towan video on You Tube about installing a product called Magnatrak to animate cars, bicyles and what have you on your layout when I heard a loud crashing noise coming from the train room. Turns out a screw that holds the chain the held one end of a 4 foot light fixture decided it didn't want to do that anymore. When that end of the fixture came down it took out most of the chain link fencing at Macon Pallet as well as about a dozen trees and bushes. It also sent cars, trucks and people every which way. Where is my golf clubs.......................
Wow Mike, I think I'd go looking for a bottle of something really strong rather than a golf club. But, knowing you, things will be fixed better than it was in no time.

Reminds me not to put anything above my layout.
Don due to health reasons strong drink is out darn it! I mentioned on another forum that I could just make a tornado where the damage is so I won't have to rebuild. Big Grin Of course that would leave a lot of tracks blocked ruling out any kind of operations. On the bright side if I can't do ops that leaves more time for golf! Big Grin
Mike, I'm with you on drinking and health issues. I haven't had any hard stuff in probably 20 years and my metabolism is so bad now that I can get a buzz on with just two NA (0.05%) beers. So goes that aspect of the fun part of life.

Yeah, redoing something because you want to is fair, but when it's because of damage, it becomes a burden. Good luck my friend.
NASA snapped this pic as the tornado was hitting:
Looks like you need to get FEMA involved. On second thought you might be better off without them.

Yeah Tom we don't want no stinking government interference! Big Grin
(04-10-2019, 05:04 AM)Tyson Rayles Wrote: [ -> ]Yeah Tom we don't want no stinking government  interference!  Big Grin

You might have to build a whole bunch of trailers and then find a place to store them all until they're not needed anymore....
There's an idea Big Grin
Maybe Frank could buy them all and donate them to Blue members for their own train boxes.

(04-15-2019, 09:07 AM)FiatFan Wrote: [ -> ]Maybe Frank could buy them all and donate them to Blue members for their own train boxes.


Good thought Tom, just remember what scale Mike is working in, and what scale Frank has.... Icon_e_biggrin
Well all the damage from the light fixture that fell on the layout has been repaired.
Damage report:
One little person still missing (probably lurking in the carpet somewhere)
No other little people dead or seriously injured (which should limit the lawsuits)
One car destroyed
Two trees destroyed
About 40 scale feet of chain link fencing destroyed
All in all it could have been worse.