Full Version: Nantahala Midland V 3.0
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I got a little more done today. Still need "glass" put in the windows and signage and everything glued together and some more weathering and some more details and ..................................... Icon_lol

Also made a faux interior for the door that will face trackside and finished the loading docks.
WOW! Thumbsup Thumbsup Thumbsup
Thanks Catt, glad you like it!
That is a neat little building! Those pallets on the dock look great -- are those ready made, or did you make them? I have a lot to make or buy soon....

Thanks Chuck, the pallets were bought but from who I don't remember 35 . I think it was Micro Engineering but don't hold me to that, I checked the current Walthers catalog and didn't see them. All I did was paint em'.
I had to order some more window glazing so not much new. I did put a sign on the building and have test fitted it to the layout ( ground is still green styro Goldth ). Not sure I like the size of the collector or whatever it is on top of the lower red roof so I haven't glued it in yet.
Looks good planted on the layout! That one collector you mentioned is large but perhaps you'll like it better if you add a little bit of support assembly, maybe just a few boards angled up from the roof or some metal scaffolding to support it? Cool structure Tyson! I like the sign too. Thumbsup
Top notch work! ...and another Southern fan to boot. I'm really admiring the overall impression each shot gives...they really have that 'lived in' feel to them. Really nice work.
Thanks guys! Ralph I did think about adding some more supports to it but was worried that that would make it look even bigger? Maybe I'll try it anyway.
Hi Mike,

I really like your pallet plant and you did a good job on it. Always nice to see new progress on yout layout.
In 2012, I'll try to get more progress done on my layout to ba starting with the GC division. But there are also a lot of large scale projects to do...

Let's see what the next year will bring.

Cheers, Gerd
Thanks Gerd, I know what you mean by the "large scale projects". Cheers I'll be looking for your progress updates!
Tyson Rayles Wrote:Thanks guys! Ralph I did think about adding some more supports to it but was worried that that would make it look even bigger? Maybe I'll try it anyway.

Maybe some fine wire, or thread, as guy wires, rather than "structural support", like the ones "staying" the stack on this tug.
with a light "base structure" on the roof of the building......just a thought.
For what's worth I second the notion of using guy wires to steady the collector.Other than that Thumbsup sir.
Nice looking tug Pete! I've tried thread in the past and it's just too thick for N scale (for my tastes anyway Nope ). I'll see if I can find some wire that is small enough and try that.
Thanks Catt!

I think that it represents a cyclone dust collector and in my opinion looks way too big for your modest sized pallet company. Something that big would probably be around 100HP, used with a lot of machinery and could easily suck up small animals or a wayward child. Oh, and directly beneath it, inside that relatively small shed, would be a collection bin or piping leading to a bin or dumpster.