Full Version: New Athearn announcement
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Anyone care to guess what this will be? I am hoping for a GP38-2 :-)

Athearn writes:

This Saturday, Athearn will announce an all-new Genesis® model at the Railroad Hobby Show in West Springfield, MA. If you plan to attend the show, we invite you to join us at 10:00am EST in the Better Living Center – Section 127 for the unveiling. If you can’t make the show, check out the Athearn® Facebook® page (no need to join Facebook to view) Saturday morning for details including an in-depth video. Additional information including detailed product pictures along with the regularly scheduled January announcements will be available this Sunday at Athearn.com. We’ll also be sending a special AthearnNews.

Based on the teaser photo it's got to be a 4-axle EMD that both Southern Pacific and Missouri Pacific owned.
You can do better than that RO!

it took me less than 5 minutes to determine is a GP38-2.

You can see the second pad behind the pilot on the EMD. Only some GPs on the mopac had that. However, among all the GP models with the second pad next to the pilot steps, only one has a deck mounted MU plug.

therefore, GP38-2. Besides, it makes sense that Athearn would release an updated GP38-2s.
If they make a "snowfighter" I'll have to have one. Even though I model the east, they are just too neat.
It may be the retooled sw1500...
Chuck Wrote:It may be the retooled sw1500...

i might not know it or ever seen one, but I've never seen a pic of an SW unit (or MP unit for that matter) that had snow plows...
someone please prove me wrong? :-)

I'm sticking with the GP38-2 guess. I too hope for a snow fighter, but just a nice, accurate GP38-2 of southern pacific would be great, just hoping that they get rid of those horrible grain of wheat bulbs (no joke to replace when broken) and go for LED's finally!

Chuck Wrote:It may be the retooled sw1500...

its dim, but if you look, you can see the GP nose and class light. the paint lines are also consistent, since an SW would have a fan on that end.
It's a GP38-2, start saving up! :-)

I've reposted the video on my blog: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://namrr.blogspot.com/">http://namrr.blogspot.com/</a><!-- m -->