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One for UK based members only I'm afraid as the seller does not list overseas postage.

I've recently bought a couple of low relief warehouses on a well known internet auction site. They are card and scratch built so I only ordered one at first but when it arrived on Tuesday I was very pleased with the standard and had no hesitation in ordering a second one, which arrived this morning.
[Image: MIB1.jpg]
They are very well made with good clean cuts and square corners, what really impressed me is the texturing on the corrugated 'steel' upper sections of the warehouses.
[Image: MIB6.jpg]
This kind of industrial building can be seen on both sides of the Atlantic so I have no hesitation using these warehouses on an American layout even though they are made for the British market.
[Image: MIB008.jpg]
Note that the long thin building has cut-outs for doors. I emailed the seller to ask if he could supply this building without doors because it will be close to the running line and he said he had one in stock which would fit my needs, even though it was not listed on Ebay at the time. The models are reasonably priced, especially given the standard of modelling, and I would certainly recommend both the models and the standard of customer service too.
[Image: MIB3.jpg]
[Image: MIB2.jpg]
[Image: MIB4.jpg]
[Image: MIB5.jpg]
The link below will take you to the maker's listing on Ebay, at the time of writing this there are only N scale models listed but I'm led to understand that he also makes models in OO scale as well, which would make them useful on HO layouts.

Modern Image Buildings

Usual disclaimer - I have no connection with the vendor other than as a satified customer.